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Gold Processing Process You Have to Know

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Gravity processing is the best method for gold processing process. Gold processing process equipment used in this process is simple. In lode gold, there is some bigger size particle which is appropriate to be separated by gravity process. Gravity process is technical and economical for the lode gold processing process.

Gold gangue is simple to concentrate. Different specific gravity makes it possible to separate the purpose gold from gangue, which needs different gold processing process. The chute is a gravity processing equipment which is used for many years. Fixed chute could be divided into a big and small chute. Big chute could be used in open-air plant, processing gold particle from 50mm to 100mm. Small chute is used in gold dredger, processing gold particle less 20mm. Leaching chute and leaching tank will be used in leaching stage. Single-impeller gold processing equipment is designed by China Non-ferrous Design Institute, which is also called axial-flow leaching tank.

This leaching tank is used for ore which has high viscosity, faster setting rate, -200 over 85% and slurry concentration are less 45%.

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