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Differences of Rock Phosphate Processing Methods

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rock phosphate processing is the main beneficiation in rock phosphate separation. According to the difference original ore nature, flotation beneficiation can be divided into reverse flotation, positive flotation, positive flotation, positive-reverse (reverse-positive) flotation, double reverse flotation. So, what is the difference between positive processing and reverse flotation processing?

Reverse flotation is mainly used for the separation of rock phosphate rock and dolomite, under weakly acidic conditions with fatty acids collector to float dolomite gangue rails, and rock phosphate concentrate is lifted in flotation cells. With this rock phosphate processing dolomite can be floated 70% to 80%, but can not be separated siliceous gangue, and the foam is fine, transport and processing are very difficult. For now, the research on collector and inhibitors is still in continuous optimization stage.

Positive flotation is suitable for low-grade rock phosphate ore, it can processing silica, calcium, and calcium magnesium rock phosphate, and it is suitable for handling gangue rails and disseminated fine grain sizes rock phosphate ore.

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