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Mining Iron Machines Introduction

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As one of the main raw materials in the industry, Iron ore is the largest in the process of selecting the plant, the beneficiation process in different mining areas are not the same, in this paper, a brief introduction of industry and mining iron processing equipment of Iron ore is briefly introduced.

Iron ore extraction of a magnetic-flotation process includes crushing, grinding, classification, magnetic separation and flotation process. Some of the plants also adopt gravity separation before flotation to except for the associated Iron ore slime. Iron ore extraction should use many mining machines, such as coarse crushing equipment: jaw crusher, cone crusher, middle crushing equipment is mainly jaw crusher, cone crusher, and fine crushing equipment often use all kinds of cone crusher and sieve extension of circular vibration sieve or linear vibrating screen. in the production of grinding ore operations usually, adopts two-stage grinding. Because the ball mill has no control over the size of its own product, in order to ensure that the grinding products meet the needs of the selection, hydraulic cyclone and ball mill are usually used in closed iron ore extraction circuit operation.

After the flotation process, iron ore concentration can get. Xinhai is a domestic professional iron ore extraction machinery manufacture, mineral processing design manufacturer, and if necessary, please contact us.

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