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Xinhai EPC Service Project—Jinxin Molybdenum Chifeng in Inner Mongolia

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The project of Jinxin Molybdenum, located in Shuidi Town, Songshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Province, China, is an Exploring & Processing mining joint enterprise with the capacity of 1000t/d, and is an EPC Project provided by Xinhai. This project started from June in 2005 to May in 2006, which spent 11 months. 

After signed the contract, Xinhai technical team including geology, electric power, mining and so on, primarily did a lot of exploration on the mine, the surrounding terrain and physiognomy, especially on the condition of water and power supply. Inner Mongolia has a vast region with fewer population and less water. All of the explorations collected detailed information for Xinhai Mine Design Institutes.

As the technicians were doing the explorations, Xinhai Mine Design Institute did a sample test for Jinxin Molybdenum. This test drew a conclusion that Jinxin Molybdenum reserves the largest sulphur molybdenum in China. With the further test on the features of the ore, it got the test statistics about the chemical composition of the raw materials and mineral composition. (As following)

chemical composition


B i














chemical composition
















An analysis of the main chemical composition of raw ore (%)

The data table says that the content of Mo in JInxin Molybdenum counts about 1.04%, and the other associated valuable metal occupies in low content, so does other harmful elements, like P, As.

Raw Ore Mineral Compositions


the mains

the secondary


chlorinated mineral


carbide minerals


 iron pyrite

        silicate minerals

Garnet, diopside, sericite

Wollastonite and hedenbergite

carbonate minerals


According to the test, Xinhai Beneficiation Institute designed a practicable solution with a high-efficiency recovery on the condition of exploring experiments and detail test. The way of two closed-circuit is adopted in crushing process. Two closed-circuit crushing was used in the process, and ore grinding adopted two closed-circuit cyclone to classify the ore particle size. Coarse ore was reground by one closed-circuit grinding. Floating focused on the way that both grinding and processing were carried in the same time. The ore was be selected by coarse crushing for one time and scavenging for two times in the primary flotation. And the coarse concentrate was be dealt with fine crushing for one time and scavenging for two times too. However, the coarse concentrate was selected for six times after the regrinding. The qualified molybdenum concentrate filtered by the thickeners reached 51.68%, and molybdenum recovery rate reached 96.40%. This is the design of mining process solution with the way of ore exploring of the adit chute and footwall shaft development and the method of the non-pillar sublevel caving.

The key point of the whole beneficiation solution is relay on the selection of flotation reagent. First of all, Jinxin molybdenum raw ore contains diopside, sericite, silicate, gangue, which are very easy to be sliming, and the fine slit adsorbing agents will seriously reduce the efficiency, increase the slurry viscosity. The fine slit adsorbing on the surface of molybdenite, forms a wrapping sheet, which affect the results of flotation. Therefore, Xinhai beneficiation Institute decides to add sodium silicate to overcome the impact of the slime. The additions reduce the viscosity of the slurry, and prevent the fine slit adsorbing onto the surface of the molybdenite, release the Molybdenite from the flocculating constituent. Whatsmore, the aim that improving the flotation process, and enhance the beneficiation indicators.

Xinhai Beneficiation Institute selected the most advanced imported Meizhou equipment for Jinxin Molybdenum. This equipment can get smaller particle size of the crushing ore, (reaching the aim of more crushing and less grinding) which contributes to reduce the cost of production.

JInxin Molybdenum started its plant, the whole solution was carried out smoothly. And the equipment were in well operating. The high operating rates ensures the efficiency of the work, which got the great praise and reputation of the clients.

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