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Advanced Technology of Semi Autogenous Grinding Mill Manufacture

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Semi Autogenous Grinding Mill Manufacture

In order to improve the quality of autogenous mills products and reduce grinding cost, semi autogenous grinding mill manufacturer invests great manpower, material resources, and financial resources. This paper will take Xinhai mining group as an example to introduce the advanced technology of semi autogenous grinding mill manufacturer.

Adopts pneumatic clutch. At present, the pneumatic clutch is a new technology that widely adopted around the world. Its advantages include smooth joint—without adjusting the wear clearance; strong transmission torque, rapid clutch and convenient automatic control and remote control; reduce electricity power of full load startup and the influence on grid voltage and mechanical loss; play the role of insurance overload.

Hybrid bearing. Some of Xinhai mills adopt hybrid bearing. The hybrid bearing has been widely used in the autogenous grinding mill which greatly reduces starting current and relatively reduces installed power. All data of hybrid bearing are optimized designed by computer.

Large biserial adjusted core roller bearing. Large biserial adjusted core roller bearing is adopted by some of Xinhai autogenous grinding mills which can effectively reduce friction, drive the mill to operate easily and reduce energy by twenty to thirty percent.

Wear-resistant rubber liner. Xinhai wear-resistant rubber liner has long service life, can effectively reduce the noise of mill, steel consumption, energy consumption, and improve the equipment operation rate of the mill.

Mist lubrication system. It can greatly reduce the friction of mill and make sure that large and small gears lubricate fully and reliably which greatly reduce the energy consumption of milk.

Xinhai, as an autogenous grinding mill manufacturer, uses advanced mature technology at home and abroad and greatly save the grinding cost which really reaches the service tenet of all for the benefit of the customers.

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