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What is the Price of Semi Autogenous Mill Price

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What is the Price of Semi Autogenous Mill Price

With the development of beneficiation equipment, there are kinds of semi autogenous mills. The price of different semi autogenous mill with different technology varies a lot.

We will summarize the price of semi autogenous mills in the following article:

The Price of semi autogenous mill is set according to its model, volume, steel ball loading and liners. Energy-saving semi autogenous mill could cut energy consumption 30% because it has energy-saving devices in structure.

Super-fine lamination semi autogenous mill could realize principle “more crushing less grinding”. If you install the super-fine lamination semi autogenous mill, you could unload the screening stage and dust extraction stage. A plant, 1500 TPD, could save energy 20% to 30% and cut 2 to 10 million cost, after adopting super-fine lamination semi autogenous mill. And it is environment-friendly.

Shandong Xinhai Mining & Technology Equipment inc. is the earliest EPC service provider in China. Founded in 1993, Xinhai has accumulated over 20-year-of mining experience from over 500 projects from all over the world. Xinhai could supply the best semi autogenous mills with superior quality. Xinhai has production base over 100 hectares, which could ensure the semi autogenous mill production. Semi autogenous mill made by Xinhai are widely used in the mining plant and has received many praises for energy-saving.

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