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Things about Flotation Column and Flotation tanks

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Among many dressing plants, after grinding and magnetite re-election, the materials often cannot achieve the minimum grade smelting, so after this step, you need to add the operation of the flotation processing, and in this process, the device of flotation cells should be used. Flotation cells principle is relatively simple. It makes use of the surface properties of gangue differences, and the use of minerals and mineral purpose, hydrophilic minerals is out by bubble buoyancy. The floating separation method is divided into positive flotation and reverses flotation, according to the material with the purpose of whether to require the recovery of minerals. Under this flotation cells principle, according to different ways of the pneumatic flotation modes and mixing way, in China many manufacturers, such as Xinhai,divided the production of different devices into three categories:

(1)In mechanical agitation flotation column, the slurry is inflatable and stirred by the mechanical stirring device composed of an impeller and the stator. The outside air self-priming flotation cells, usually the upper is a gas inhalation, ie inhalation stirring device is near the lower portion of the mechanical flotation cells air. According to the type of mechanical stirring device, flotation column can be divided into different models. The advantage of this type flotation cells is that the air and slurry intake by itself. And it is easy to implement gravity in the mine returned, there are less auxiliary equipment, configuration and tidy equipment, simple operation and maintenance; and the drawback is the small inflatable volume, large power consumption, badly worn.

(2) Flotation column with the reset button plate, it has both a mechanical stirrer and the use of an external fan to the forced air intake. However, the mechanical stirring means is generally only play the role of the stirrer, as long as the air is pressed into the external classification device, aeration and stirring of the slurry are separated.

(3) Inflatable flotation cells with the features of no mechanical stirrer, no gear, it is a special fan device to provide the air.

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