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Things about Flotation Foam

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In China, before the liberation, we only used the flotation cells including Wald and Fagegelun two types. Till the mid-1950s, Hanoch Boolean XJ type (ie, Type A, XJK type) flotation cell was imitated and produced. Thereafter, China mainly focused on this single series of the flotation cell. In the late 1970s, Chinese flotation cell developed technology has been improved rapidly, and the centralized and advanced models of flotation cells are born, such as the model of XJQ, BS-M, JJF, ZJZ and so on. The volume of the tank is developed from 8M3 to 38M3. In recent years, the volume of the tank has reached 40, 50,160M3.

The flotating principle is based on making use of the surface properties of different minerals. For forth flotation, flotation foams emerged in the flotation cell, and the hydrophilic materials to be separated. Flotation cell is mainly composed of the filling slurry chute, mixing device, and scraper. The slurry inside the chute is stirred and separated. Under the effect of intense rotation, negative pressure zone is formed. And it sorbs the air, at the same time, the flotation foams, which has hydrophily emerges, and the hydrophilic material is separated. This is the principle of the flotation cell. Xinhai Mining Company produces various kinds of flotation cells, which is sold well overseas. These products with superior quality enjoy a high prestige and support in the vast customers.

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