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Energy-saving Rod Mill

2016-04-05 18:35:17   XinHai    Views (830)
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Nowadays, energy-saving and commission reducing is an important policy in social tendency. For mining process, grinding stage is the most energy consumption one, so reducing energy consumption in grinding stage is crucial to the mining process energy-saving work. Energy-saving rod mill has been redesigned and developed in pre-fine-grinding for cement, which could inspire us in the using of rod milling machine in the mining process.

Pre-fine-grinding could reduce the particle size of material before sending to grinding machine and prolong grinding time and reduce the surface area of material, which will increase the grinding quality. In order to meet the new cement standard, a particle size of cement should be appropriate. Some reformation of rod mill as follows:

(1) Fine grinding system assisting of rod mill and ball mill.

(2) Grinding medium changed from rod to rod and steel ball. Simplifying the process and reducing energy consumption.

(3) Changing ball mill system: removing centrifugal separation machine and change ball mill inside structure and process index, high-efficiency separation machine is used in the process line.

Xinhai has its own mine site research institute, rod rolling machine design institute and mining process research institute to optimize mining process machine to meet the standard of energy-saving and commission reducing.

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