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Rod Mill and Steel Bar – Rod Rolling Machine

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As we all know, the steel rod as the grinding media is essential for rod mill, rod rolling machine. So the quality and quantity of steel bar can influence grinding efficiency, now, I will briefly introduce the relation of rod mill and steel rod.

Let’s make the coal mine rod grinding as an example to discuss the relation of steel rod model and particle size. If we just put the steel rod which has a big diameter as the grinding media, the gap between steel rod is too large, it will make the slurry flow from the gap and reduce the grinding result and grinding efficiency. So we must take some effective measure to solve this problem. We add some small diameter steel rod with the large diameter steel rod, it can fill the gap and the increase the material and rod contact area, a material in operation has been hampered, flow rate slows, and finally has a good grinding effect, coal slurry grinding finer and increase the grinding efficiency. After that process, the steel rod consumption decreased and fine particle proportion, coal slurry become more stable.

However, we have some requirement for fine steel bar’s regulation, adding proportion and quality. The adding fine steel bar regulation and quality should be determined by coal slurry particle size profile indicators, if necessary, we should determine by experiment. For steel bar quality, the fine steel bar should have standard hardness and toughness to prevent broken rods and rod bending.

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