The Working Efficiency of Thickener Isn’t Good, What’s the Problem?

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Thickener is mainly applied in slurry thickening, dewatering and classification in mineral processing plant. But there are many factors that affect thickening effect in the process of production, such as low thickening efficiency, too much overflow water, low underflow concentration.

  • 18 2015-12

    Xinhai: the Best Gravity Thickener Suppliers

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    Xinhai as a gravity thickener suppliers, the thickener produced is widely used for the treatment of slime, wastewater, and waste residue in mining, metallurgy, chemical, building material and environmental protection departments.

  • 17 2015-12

    The Sludge Dewatering Equipment

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    The thickener is an essential assist process in dressing plant. It defines the process of particles precipitates from the pulp by the by gravity or centrifugal forces.

  • 14 2015-12

    Basic Principles of Xinhai Hydraulic Center Transmission Thickener

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    Thickener is widely used in mineral processing plants, sewage treatment sector, metallurgy and other industries for dewatering commonly.

  • 11 2015-12

    Working Principles of the Central Transmission Thickener

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    Thickener is widely used in dressing plant,  sewage disposal plant and other relevant departments about the dehydration and  enrichment work

  • 11 2015-12

    Principles of the Thickener

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    In the mineral processing plants, the thickener is used to increase the concentration of the minerals, which is separated by the flotation or dewatering.

  • 11 2015-12

    Working Principles of High-efficiency Slant-tube Thickeners

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    Normal thickeners, sediment towers, and coal slurry pools are widely used in China old-type coal preparation plants. This equipment has lots of problems, including low sedimentation efficiency, large sedimentation area, high capital construction investment and environmental pollutions. However, high-efficiency slant tube can overcome these disadvantages to a large extent by increasing settlement area within limited spaces, […]

  • 11 2015-12

    Xinhai Thickeners, Best Thickener Tank manufacturer

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    Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd can rightly meet your requirement as the best manufacturer. Now we will give you a brief introduction about Xinhai thickener manufacturer.

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