The Working Efficiency of Thickener Isn’t Good, What’s the Problem?

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Thickener is mainly applied in slurry thickening, dewatering and classification in mineral processing plant. But there are many factors that affect thickening effect in the process of production, such as low thickening efficiency, too much overflow water, low underflow concentration.

  • 23 2015-10

    Advanced Technology of Ball Mill Manufacturers

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    In order to improve the quality of ball mill products and reduce grinding cost, ball mill manufacturers invest great manpower, material resources and financial resources.

  • 23 2015-10

    Things about Ball Mill Manufactures

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    Mining equipment ball mill is an important equipment which has served in mining field for hundreds of years. According to the different process and different ore materials, ball mill could be divided into grid ball mill and overflow ball mill.

  • 23 2015-10

    Small Ball Mill Manufacturers

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    The modal of ball mill depends on the nature and the capacity of the ore. For the small mine and laboratory where the capacity is small, small ball mill is adopted. 

  • 23 2015-10

    Walk Into the World of Flotation Cells Schematics

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    From Fagegelun, Achilles Thiel and other types of flotation cells in the 1930s, to XJQ type, ZJZ type and rod type flotation cells of the 1970s, to today large-scale, automated flotation cells.

  • 22 2015-10

    High-efficiency Energy-saving Ball Mill

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    Ball mills are mainly constituted by a barrel with a fixed diameter to length ratio. Compared with common ball mill, energy-saving ball mill lifts steel balls by liners.

  • 22 2015-10

    Operation Principle of Cone Ball Mill

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    Cone ball mill is a common ball mill of mining processing. This ball mill changes former structure of ball mill, and it enables the integration of body and chassis.

  • 22 2015-10

    Operation Principle of Cone Overflow Ball Mill

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    Just like ordinary ball mill, the main component of cone overflow ball mill is a cylinder with diameter and length at a reasonable proportion.

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