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Do You Know the Features of Dry Ball Mill?

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Xinhai is a large ball mill manufacturer in mineral processing equipment, who can produce various types of grinding equipment, including dry ball mill.

  • 12 2015-10

    Large Ball Mill Manufacturers

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    Large ball mill is an irreplaceable equipment of breaking materials, and it plays an important role in grinding ore.

  • 12 2015-10

    Related Factors of Large Ball Mill Price

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    Large ball mill now has become a new bestowed favor in grinding area, and foreign application of large ball mill is earlier, but after nearly 20 years development in our country.

  • 30 2015-09

    Specification of Wet Ball Mill

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    Wet ball mill has lots of Specification,as it is working at the situation where the water content is higher. The concentration in the wet ball mill is about 30 percent to 50 percent.

  • 29 2015-09

    How to Choose the Type and Specification of Ball Mill

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    Ball mill is one of the most common grinding machines at home and abroad. For each kind of ore, there is the most suitable type and specification of ball mill, making the best use of grinding, the lowest consumption of energy and steel.

  • 29 2015-09

    Evaluation Index of Ball Mill Grinding Work

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    Grinding operation is the final stage of preparation before the election. The ore is impacted and ground by balls or itself in the ball mill.

  • 29 2015-09

    A Large Ball Mill Manufacturer

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    ​A large ball mill is a kind of cardiac equipment of refining machine after the ore being coarse crushed. The large ball mills manufactured by Xinhai.

  • 29 2015-09

    Explanation of Ball Mill Specification

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    Usually, ball mill specification is indicated as ball mill barrel diameter multiply barrel length. But there is no standard for the ball mill naming method.

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