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Advantages of Using Ball Mill Rubber Liner

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Advantages of Using Ball Mill Rubber Liner

Ball mill liner can protect the shell and lift the mineral to improve the grinding effect. Ball mill liner can be divided into high manganese steel, alloy steel liner, rubber liner and so on. The application of rubber liner is wide. What advantages of ball mill rubber liner are? Taking Xinhai ball mill rubber liner as an example, this paper will introduce advantages of ball mill rubber liner.

Ball mill rubber liner can reduce energy consumption. Metal liners like high manganese liner and alloy steel liner have large quality. The motor has to drive the ball mill and metal liner to rotate which causes large exercise in futility. Ball mill liner is made of wear-resistant rubber and has light quality, so there is low energy consumption made when the motor drives the liner, reducing energy consumption.

Ball mill rubber liner can reduce noise. There will be a mutual collision between steel balls and metal liner and cause serious noise pollution and affect the working environment of staff. Due to the unique properties of rubber, using ball mill rubber liner can greatly reduce the noise of collision between steel balls and liner.

Ball mill rubber liner can extend replacement time of liner. Ball mill rubber liner is made of acid-proof, alkali-resistant and wear-resistant rubber and its service life are 1.5 to 2 years longer than the ordinary metal liner. The service life of liner is long, the replacement time will lengthen and the operation of the mill is more continuous.

Ball mill rubber liner can make installation easier. The quality of each piece of metal plate is between 45 ~ 80 kg, and the quality of each rubber liner is between 15~20kg. Thus, rubber liner can make the operation of staff more convenient.

Ball mill rubber liner can reduce steel consumption. Research shows that ball mill rubber liner can reduce steel consumption by five percent to fifteen percent, greatly reducing the grinding cost.

Compared with others, ball mill rubber liner of Xinhai is lighter, wear-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant; it has longer service life, lower energy or steel consumption, cheaper price. Xinhai rubber liner is the best choice for concentrators.

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