The Working Efficiency of Thickener Isn’t Good, What’s the Problem?

2018-06-12    Xinhai     Views(9384)

Thickener is mainly applied in slurry thickening, dewatering and classification in mineral processing plant. But there are many factors that affect thickening effect in the process of production, such as low thickening efficiency, too much overflow water, low underflow concentration.

  • 19 2018-03

    High-efficient Flotation Cell—Reliable Copper Ore Flotation Equipment

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    Flotation process is a mineral separation method that according to the hydrophobicity differences of particle surface. Copper sulfide is the main mineral of copper concentrates, which possess good inherent floatability, so it is usually separated by flotation method after crushing and grinding.

  • 12 2018-03

    Wear-resistant Rubber Used in Copper Ore Dressing Process

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    Copper ore is a kind of mid-hard ore, which is usually processed by crushing and grinding, then separated and purified by floating after monomer separation. What’s more, the grinding operation is a very important part among the above operations, which directly restricts the actual processing capacity.

  • 10 2018-03

    Research on Flocculating Agent in Operation of High Efficient Thickener

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    High efficient thickener is a widely used thickener, which is improved according to traditional thickener. After upgrading, this thickener is equipped with NC reagent feeder. Generally, the purpose of dosing is to improve water quality and accelerate flocculation efficiency, such as flocculating agent.

  • 09 2018-03

    Xinhai Raymond Mill Get its Customers with Technology

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    At present, Raymond mill occupies a pivotal position in grinding field, whose application covers thousands kinds of materials, such as plaster, bentonite, feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, titanium dioxide.

  • 07 2018-03

    Do You Know the Problem of Flocculant When Sludge Thickener Processes Slurry?

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    Sludge thickener can play a very important role in the process of sludge treatment. This paper will introduce the problem of flocculant when sludge thickener processes sludge.

  • 03 2018-03

    How to Solve the Problem of Overtemperature in Raymond Mill

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    Raymond mill is the most common grinding equipment in the grinding industries, which is suitable to handle various non-flammable and explosive mineral materials with <9.3the Moh's hardness and below 6% humidity.

  • 02 2018-03

    Research on Flocculating Agent in Flotation Process

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    There are a lot of flows in the flotation process production line. Besides, a lot of reagents are added at the same time. It is known that the rationality of reagent affects flotation index directly. Here we introduce some researches on flocculating agent in the flotation process.

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