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Do You Know the Features of Dry Ball Mill?

2018-06-22    Xinhai     Views(1693)

Xinhai is a large ball mill manufacturer in mineral processing equipment, who can produce various types of grinding equipment, including dry ball mill.

  • 12 2017-12

    XCIII Hydro-cyclone: an Advanced Silicon Classifier

    Xinhai     Views (876)

    As an advanced silicon classifier, XCIII hydro-cyclones made by Xinhai is widely used in mining process line.

  • 12 2017-12

    Three Factors That Affect Classifying Efficiency

    Xinhai     Views (803)

    Spiral classifier plays a significant role among various mineral processing equipment. It can be said that spiral classifier is an indispensable part in the mineral processing. Here we introduce three factors that influence the working efficiency of spiral classifier.

  • 06 2017-12

    Comparative Analysis of Spiral Classifier design and Hydrocyclone design

    Xinhai     Views (923)

    we will only choose Spiral classifier and hydrocyclone these two equipment to make a detailed comparison. That is because they are the most widely used classifiers in our mill plant, at present.

  • 01 2017-12

    Factors That Affect Screening Efficiency of Vibrating Screen

    Xinhai     Views (1045)

    The screening effect and efficiency of vibrating screen can affect the output and production efficiency of the whole production line. So Xinhai will analyze some reasons that affect vibrating screen.

  • 28 2017-11

    What’s the Role of Flotation Froth in the Flotation Process?

    Xinhai     Views (832)

    The theoretical basis of flotation cell is approximately same, namely the separation process is realized by flotation froth in the pulp according to the physical and chemical properties of mineral particles. In the flotation process, there is one thing that plays a very important role in the whole process——flotation froth.

  • 24 2017-11

    Differences Between Ball Mill and Rod Mill

    Xinhai     Views (1077)

    Ball mill and rod mill are quite similar whether in external shape or working principle. So what are the differences between ball mill and rod mill? Xinhai mineral processing equipment specialist explains it as follows:

  • 21 2017-11

    Causes and Improvement Measures of Ball Mill Liner Wearing

    Xinhai     Views (947)

    Nowadays, ball mill is widely applied in mineral processing, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction and other fields, so the quality of ball mill has aroused our attention. In fact, liner plays a dominant role in the quality of ball mill, its main role is to prevent cylinder from wearing, so it is also one of the most wearing accessories.

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