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Xinhai – To Choose Your Models and Specifications of Ball Mill

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Ball Mill

It is always hard to make choice of the type and specification of ball mill, since there are many questions: which kind of type and specification will get the lowest cost of grinding? Which factory manufactures have the most various types and specifications of ball mill, the longest life span, the lowest energy, minimum steel consumption, or the lowest price?

Xin hai could provide various types: MQG wet grid ball mill, MQY overflow ball mill, MQGg wet energy-saving grid ball mill, MQYg wet energy-saving overflow ball mill, GZMg wet cone grid ball mill, GZM wet cone overflow ball mill, etc.

There are also various specifications for each type above. Take MQG wet grid ball mill as an example, the specifications of it are MQG0909, MQG0918, MQG1212, MQG1224, MQG1515, MQG1530, MQG2122, MQG2130, MQG2430, MQG2721, MQG2727, MQG2736, MQG3231, MQG3236, MQG3245, MQG3639, MQG3645, MQG3650, MQG3660, MQG4060, MQG4560.

Besides, after selecting mill, Xinhai will configure the jacking device and static dynamic pressure bearing according to the requirements of consumer.

All metal materials used in Xinhai have been sandblasted surface first to remove the rust, and then spray painted and processed. They have the advantages of acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistance, impact resistance and so on. Meanwhile, Xinhai has professional mechanical designers, mechanical processing personnel, and mechanical processing technics. Therefore, all equipment there have long service life, stable operation, and high quality product.

Xinhai manufactures many kinds of ball mill, including MQGg, MQYg, GZMg,GZM. They are applied with large-scale biserial self-aligning bearing, saving 20%~30% energy than the common one. The effect is obvious. Besides, all types of them adopt suitable draw ratio, reducing the steel consuming and grinding cost. At the same time, the mill is cheaper than other companies. It is not exaggerated to say that the mill in Xinhai has excellent quality with reasonable price.

In a word, if you want to select the type and specification of ball mill, Xin hai is your best choice.

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