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Adoption of Heating Flotation in Sulfide-lead-zinc Mining Processing

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Flotating Process about Copper-Lead-Zinc

The temperature of the slurry is an important factor in lead-zinc ore mining process. In practice, slurry could be heated in order to reach the technical temperature index. For instance, in order to accelerate reagent dissolution when using amine as collecting agent, heating is necessary for deploy solution. We will briefly introduce three heating process used in sulfide-lead-zinc flotation processing.

Heating for accelerating agent desorption

Adding pme into a slurry when stirring and heating, in order to drop the xanthate in the surface of sulfide. Proved by practice, 5 to 10kg pme will be appropriate to be added to the slurry. Then they are heating to boipng, collector in the surface of the sulfide will be dropped clearly. At the same time, an inhibitor is needed to separate different mineral particles.

Heating for accelerating oxidation

Oxide-minerals will be easy to be inhibited

Heating for strengthening dis-oxidation of agents.

Using reducing agent such as sulfur dioxide, strengthen reduction according to heating, and strengthening the particles inhibited. For example, copper and lead mixed concentrate which is heated to 70 temperature and adding oxide sulfide when the PH is down to 5.5. Galena will lose the flotation characteristics, which the copper still have the flotation characteristic. In this condition, copper and lead could be separated without using strongly poison.

In lead-zinc dissolution process, commonly used methods are: direct steam injection heating, steam coils, direct resistance heating, direct using of industrial heat backwater, etc., direct steam heating is common in the industry. Companying with advantages, there are still many problems in heating flotation. For instance, when the slurry is heated to about 70 temperature, working condition in a workshop will be worse for workers.

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