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Introduction of Gold Mining Process

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Refractory Gold Ore

Gold mine can be roughly divided into gold  placer and rock gold ore. According to the properties of gold mining conditions and different natures of ore, there is difference for mining enterprises in the gold mining process. Gold placer usually adopts disintegrated, desliming, re-election and other craft joint to separate gold-bearing mineral purification. While the rock gold mine due to the gold particles associated with mine rock relationship more closely, in the sorting process requires the use of certain crushing grinding process to make one of the minerals to monomer dissociation, and then re-election, flotation, cyanide leaching , amalgamation of several processes such as technology or sorting. Taking Xinhai mining design process as an example, here is a brief introduction to gold mining process.

First, mined ore will put into the  warehouse cache of the ore dressing plant. Through the feeder the ore is put into the jaw crusher to crush and the crushing product will be sent to the screening plant by the belt conveyor. Screening operation use two screens to divide the rough ore into three kinds of products in accordance with the size. Oversize products will be sent into the jaw crusher to be crushed again. Crushing screen products and intermediate grade materials collected in the No. 2 belt conveyor and sent to the crushing workshop and using the cone crusher. Crushed products will return to No.1 belt conveyor and returned the screening plant with crushing product. Undersize products transported to the powder by belt conveyor. In the gold mining process, the grinding operation using hydrocyclone constructed with closed circuit ball mill grinding process. Hydrocyclone  overflow into the mixing tank add flotation reagents, after immersion into the flotation machine. The bottom of the flotation flow to the tailings by slurry  pump, and the flotation foam products through concentration, filtering processing get the final gold concentrate.

In rock gold mining process design, the  difference of crushing and grinding process is not big, while in the selecting process design, According to the gold particle size, and the associated  relationship between rock khenpos, gangue mineral composition and other  properties, the selecting process is different.

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