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Gold Beneficiation Equipment Used in Gold Beneficiation

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Gold mining processing equipment

In the gold gravity beneficiation plant, chute is commonly used in practice, which can be divided into a big and small chute. This kind of gold beneficiation machine is easy to operate in the gold beneficiation plant with a low price. The shortcoming of this gold beneficiation machine is that demanding humans work. It is good for the bigger gold particles but not for the fine gold particles in the gold beneficiation plant.

Gold ore after gold beneficiation machine of gold gravity beneficiation is hard to be separated according to the physical characteristics, so it should be cyanide. In the cyaniding stage, leaching tank of gold beneficiation machine and adsorption tank of gold beneficiation machine are used in the gold beneficiation plant.The gold element in gold ore and cyanide contacted fully in the leaching tank. Dissolved gold elements are adsorption in the adsorption tank to concentrate the gold ore.

Gold ore is not distributed averagely in China, and gold ore which is hard to process occupies a big share. This kind of ore has many bigger size particles, so we can separate the bigger particle by gravity method before the beneficiation. Smaller particles should be selected by cyaniding. We conform to the principle of beneficiation early in this gold beneficiation machine.

Xinhai is a gold beneficiation machine company on a big scale, together with a rich experience in gold mining beneficiation. It can provide the whole set of gold beneficiation machine in use, with competitive price and reliable quality.

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