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Common Methods of Gold Processing

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Different gold demands different methods to mining. We will list some common methods to extraction gold.Gravel gold and lode gold are two common gold. Gravel gold has an easy structure, which eases the enrichment mining stage. While the load gold has a complicated structure.

Primary gold ore will weather after exposing in the air, by the force of water and wind. Gold mining will break into the grain of golden sands and crumbs, which will enrich in the hillside and riverbed. When they are enough for developing, they are becoming gravel gold. mining of gravel gold is composed of preparing stage and separation stage. Gold sand and crumbs will be separated from clay ore in the preparing stage. In screening stage, coarse ore which not contains gold will be screened out. After preparing stage, minerals will be transported to other gold separation equipment to enrich, such as jigger, spiral chute, shaking table and so on

Lode gold has a wide range of items with complicated structures. We adapt differ mining to deal with different gold ore. Gravity extraction separation, magnetic separation, flotation, amalgamation, cyaniding are commonly used gold mining methods in practice, together with the combined separation extraction. There are many mining used in gold extraction mining, including single patio extraction, patio-gravity combined mining, gravity (patio)-cyaniding extraction, single flotation extraction, patio-flotation combined mining, bulk cyanidation mining, flotation-cyaniding combined mining, flotation-gravity combined mining and heap leaching mining.

Many domestic manufacturers have taken front ranks in the world, such as Xinhai Group. Based on plenty of gold mining projects methods overseas and domestically, these manufacturers have been innovating its products all the time.

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