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Xinhai Improvement of Phosphate Mining in South Africa

2017-04-01 18:11:19   XinHai    Views (1502)
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Phosphate is a kind of important biological element constituting the cell of animals and plants. South Africa is a big country producing phosphate, there is a rapid growth trend of the demand for phosphate fertilizer in recent years because of the further agricultural development. Therefore, only by increasingly strengthening the phosphate mining in South Africa met the demands for phosphate fertilizer.

The phosphate mining in South Africa has a series of characteristics, besides, the easy-to-separate sedimentary metamorphic phosphorite ore is getting less and less and the grade of phosphorus deposit is lower and lower. Therefore, it has a great importance for guarding the healthy agricultural production development and national economic development of phosphate mining in South Africa to strengthen its phosphate mining technological research, strengthen the advancement of its phosphate mining equipment, make reasonable use of its phosphate rock mining and achieve the sustainable development of its phosphate resources.

Flotation separation is the most commonly used phosphate mining in South Africa. Over the years, Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc. has brought out a series of excellent flotation cell in the light of the characteristics of phosphate ore by constantly taking the best of domestic and foreign flotation cells. These flotation cells have plenty of advantages, including large capacity, big inflating volume, good flotation index, continuous and stable operation, and low energy consumption, all of which make them the optimal equipment for phosphate mining in South Africa.

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