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Copper Process Plants Production Line

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Copper process plants are mainly in a big and middle scale of China. The most respresentative is Dexing copper ore processing plant. Since it was built up earlier, and has advanced copper recovery process technology and rich experience,copper process plant in Dexing is also representative. Before talking about copper processing plant, Qualification features of ore produced by Dexing copper recovery process are described: Ores belong to damp pus disseminated stratiform copper deposit.

The main metal minerals include chalcopyrite, the second is bornite, malachite, and a small amount of chalcocite. Main gangue mineral is dolomite and carbonation of dolomite, the second is quartz, calcite and feldspar. Copper mineral is mainly sparaded in dolomite and carbonation of dolomite. The block of copper carbide minerals in mainly in massive, spot and scattered shape. Oxidized ore is outputed in power and thin film. The particle size of chalcopyrite is 0.03-0.2mm.

The ore has medium hardness, whose density is 2.85t/m³. On the basic, copper process plant line is adopted in crushing, grinding and flotating. In crushing, three stage open circuit is adopted, and the final crushing particle size, bigger than 18mm is less than 10%. Two stage continuous grinding is adopted in grinding part. In the first stage, the grinding concentrate is 75~80%, and the overflow concentrate is higher than 44%. In flotation process, there are two rough selections and two scavanges. At the first stage of rough copper recovery process, coarse and concentrate copper ore are production.

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