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Copper Concentrate Processing Equipment

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The copper concentrate processing equipment needed in copper ore processing is complex because of the different property of copper concentrate. However, the main copper processing equipment for copper ore is same as other mining processing steps, including crushing, grinding, flotation separating and dewatering.

Given the sliming and associated ore phenomenon of copper ore, additional copper concentrate process and multiple mining machines are necessary. Therefore when deciding the copper ore concentration equipment, the analysis of the copper concentrate process must be carried out first.

On the basis, crushing and grinding equipment of copper concentrate processing are necessary copper concentrate process equipment, mainly including jaw crushers, overflow ball mills and flotation cells. In the three-stage open circuit crushing process, umbrella deck of the fine crusher is specially equipped to 5~8mm width in order to guarantee that the final crushing particle size is bigger than 18mm and no more than 10%. As domestic leading copper concentrate process machinery manufacturer, Xinhai can meet the requirements of customers with the best price. It costs least to adapt equipment made by Xinhai to process the raw ore.

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