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Copper Ore Leaching Process-Series II

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The hoisting of the double impeller high efficient leaching tank

This article is going to continue talking about the leaching of copper ore methods.

Amine separation process. With organic amine as collectors, amine flotation technology of copper leaching is suitable for copper ore like malachite and azurite. In copper leaching plant, the main amine collectors are cocoanut oil amine and lauryl amine; the relatively effective inhibitors include sodium alginate, lingosulfonate, polyacrylic acid and fiber lignin sulfonate.

Chelating agent copper leaching process. With chelating agent or neutral oil as collectors, this chelating agent copper separation process is fit for the unmanageable copper oxide ores like chrysocolia. The commonly used chelating collectors are imidazole, with advantages of strong collecting capacity and good selectivity. However, it is relatively expensive, so economic factors should be carefully considered.

Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Euiqpment Inc., a professional copper leaching process machines manufacturer, provides all kinds of copper ore leaching process machines suitable for various copper ore separation process. With plenty of advantages, including good flotation index, long service life, long change period of vulnerable part, low equipment costs and low dressing costs, the copper ore leaching machines manufactured by Xinhai are your perfect choices for leaching copper ore.

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