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What is Phosphate Mining Process?

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Flotation separation is the uppermost phosphate mining process for low-grade phosphate ore. like direct flotation, double reverse flotation, direct-reverse flotation, reverse-direct flotation, differential flotation and stage grinding stage flotation, etc.here is going to introduce some phosphate mining process for people who are asking about what is phosphate mining process.

The heavy media separation is a kind of low-grade phosphate mining process that separates useful minerals from the gauge minerals. Hydrocyclone is the most common phosphate mining process machine in heavy media separation process. But the concentrate grade generally cannot meet the smelting requirement. Therefore, this phosphate mining process often used for pre-concentration.

Baking-digesting is a kind of chemical method for low-grade phosphate mining. The baking-digesting method can handle the sedimentary calcium phosphate with high hardness, low grade, and more calcium minerals. But it consumes much and is hard to control, so it is seldom put into industrial use.

Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc. has five research institutes that have a deep study about what is phosphate mining process. Xinhai is capable of providing phosphate dressing plants EPC service, one-stop service from mineral processing test to comprehensive operation management of the plant, which can greatly reduce the investments and increase the benefits of customers. The series of phosphate mining equipment manufactured by Xinhai are of good quality and are welcome to new and old customers.

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