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What Kind of Solutions is Used to Process Phosphate Hill Mine?

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Phosphate hill mine processing can be divided into three processes that are ore grinding, ore dressing, ore dewatering process.

The following is about the Phosphate hill mine crushing process. The aim of the ore grinding is separating the fine particle size from other gangue particles to achieve the monomer dissociation of phosphate rock, which is provide a possibility for the later beneficiation process. The Phosphate hill mine grinding processes include crushing, screening, grinding and classification. The conventional phosphate ore crushing process is a closed circuit of every three sections that is an operation of coarse crushing, medium crushing and a section of screening operation.

The aim of the Phosphate hill mine beneficiation process is to achieve the enrichment of the phosphate. Flotation process is usually used in the phosphate ore, including Single reverse flotation, positive flotation, flotation (positive and negative), double reverse flotation.

The aim of the Phosphate hill mine dewatering process is to make phosphate ore be easier to storage and transport. Phosphate hill mine dewatering usually involves two processes that are concentration and filtration. The concentration of phosphate usually uses the concentrator and the filtration usually uses the disk filter.

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