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70,000 t/a Environmental Management Project & Cyanide-Bearing Tailings Processing Plant Project In Têwo, Gansu

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Cyanide-Bearing Tailings Processing

There was a gold mine in Têwo which had been small-scale mined, and processed by stacking and heap leaching for a long term. Due to the disordered distribution, backward technology and poor management of the plant, a large amount of untreated waste tailings were produced, and a lot of cyanide was left in the waste liquor, which wasted gold resource and pollute the environment.

Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc. provided EPC project services for the owner, to improve the resource utilization, control the pollution and protect the environment. To process the hundreds & thousands of tons of cyanide residue generated by earlier stage mining and leaching, scaled of flotation plant was constructed, which completely solved the threat posed by residual and waste liquor on the environment. To find out the resource reserve of this mining area, prospecting investment was further increased, which laid a solid foundation to the reasonable configuration and overall planning of the resource. It aimed to establish and perfect the environmental protection measures by formal scientific development, and strive to combine the development and environment protection together. Meanwhile, the project construction drove the development of the local economy, and solved part of the local labor employment problems.

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