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How to Choose the Type and Specification of Ball Mill

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Ball mill is one of the most common grinding machines at home and abroad. For each kind of ore, there is the most suitable type and specification of ball mill, making the best use of grinding, the lowest consumption of energy and steel. Therefore, when choosing a ball mill for certain ore, we should consider the type and specification of it carefully. How to choose the type and specification of ball mill?

The property of ore and fineness should be considered when choosing the type and specification of ball mill:

(1)If the ore grind-ability is good, and the proportion of product particle -200 is less than 60%, MQG grid ball mill can be used in the first and second stage grinding.

(2)If the ore grind-ability is not good, and the proportion of product particle -200 is more than 60%, MQG grid ball mill is in the first stage grinding and MQY overflow ball mill in the second stage.

(3)Ball mill types and specification can be determined by the ore capacity and grind-ability.

Besides, we should also consider the demand of product moisture content in the technological process.

(1)When the demanded of moisture content in the later technological process is low, which means if the final product is a dry one, dry ball mill should be chosen.

(2)If there is no demand for the moisture content of grinding product, we often choose the wet ball mill, which is no blocking and high efficiency.

The factors of energy consumption and steel consumption should also be considered when choosing the type and specification of ball mill:

(1)Energy consumption can be used to describe the usage of power per ton ore. When comes to a ball mill, energy consumption should definitely be brought into consideration. And generally speaking, the larger the ball mill, the higher the energy consumption.

(2)Ball-consumption is used to describe how many balls expended per ton ore. As ball- consumption is a vital part of grinding cost, so ball- consumption should also be considered.

Anyway, choose ball mill types should consider many aspects and think twice before making a decision.

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