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The Main Ball Mill Manufactures in China

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Ball mill is the core equipment in material grinding, and there are many countries that need this equipment. It is widely used in cement, silicate products, refractory, new building materials, chemical fertilizers, black and non-ferrous mineral processing. According to the different discharge way, it can be divided into grid type, overflow type, and peripheral discharge type. With the great demanding of the market, there are many ball mill manufacturers emerged in China, and several manufacturers have reached the world first column in manufacturing technology.

Ball mill is the decisive factor in whether the grinding task was well done, so the choice of the ball mill is the important step in designing the mine, and the quality of the ball mill and weather could achieve the grinding index are closely related to the mill manufactures technology strength. Follows are some advanced manufactures:

China Non-ferrous Metal Industry Foreign Engineer and Construction Co., Ltd. It is the important metallurgical machinery factory in China, and they have the great strength in design and manufacturing and all kinds of product specifications. Theri ball mills are dry grid type, wet grid and overflow type, steel ball coal mill, and tube mill, and their products are a product in accordance with the international standards.

China first heavy industries, they have many kinds of mills, and their products have high quality and complete specifications. Their ball mill type mainly is wet grid type and dry grid type, overflow type, tube mill and steel ball coal mill. They also have the double inlet blowing straight steel coal mill.

China national heavy machinery corporation, they mainly manufacture grid and overflow ball mill in same specification. The ball mill has the reasonable and advanced structure, and it is safe, reliable and high-efficiency.

Xinhai mining machinery, they mainly manufacture cone ball mill and wet overflow ball mill and etc.

Liaoning liaozhong heavy machinery Co.ltd, it is the important manufacturer in manufacturing the small and medium sized ball mill, they have complete specifications and high quality, and they mainly manufacture overflow ball mill and wet and dry grid ball mill.

Shenyang heavy machinery Co.,Ltd, it is the advanced manufacturer of large ball mill. Their sixth company mainly manufacture MQG dry grid ball mill, MQS wet grid ball mill and MQY overflow ball mill.

Kunming machine tool, they mainly manufacture the ball mill, raw material mill, cement mill, raw mill, tube mill and coal mill for a cement factory, building material department, and power plant.

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