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Different Types and Models of Ball Mill

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As the most important machines in the whole processing, grinding machines, and grinding workshops are the main workshop in the plant. Usually, several ball mills are installed in grinding workshop, so there should be ball mills in reserve. Grinding stage spend most of the cost in a processing plant, thus we should choose the best model of a ball mill to reduce the cost and meet the demand. Considering ore materials and plant scales, Xinhai could choose the best ball mill for you, together with the superior service and professional process.

Modal of ball mill is constituted of types of grinding machines, methods of discharging and specifications. MQ institutes ball mill. There are two discharging ways: grid and overflowing, separately instituted with G and Y. Xinhai could provide you the energy-saving ball mill which could save electricity 20% to 30%. Ball mill’s specification is instituted by the diameter of length, which usually use me as a unit. For an instance, MQY1200*2400 means the overflow ball mill’s barrel diameter is 1200mm and barrel length is 2400mm. Ball mills provided by Xinhai have a little difference in models. For example, MQY1224 are instituted by the unit of 100mm. Different manufacturers range in a model. Xinhai could offer you the best choice.

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