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Type and Price of Ball Mill

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Ball Mill

Ball mill is viewed as a large machine in concentrating plants. Especially in the new-built concentrating plants, 1~4 ball mills almost take all tasks of grinding. Besides, the routine work of it adopts threes-shift system a day, and one shift is eight hours. Its working ratio is usually higher than 90% a year. Therefore, choosing the most suitable type and specification of ball mill is very important. And the key is to know about the type and price of it, which will be introduced next.

The types of ball mill are the following: MQY(overflow ball mill), MQG(grid ball mill), GZM(cone overflow ball mill), GZMg(cone grid ball mill). Among those, the overflow type of MQY and GZM is suitable to second stage grinding in which the demand of grinding fineness is high. At the same time, the grinding fineness of GZM cone overflow ball mill is better than that of MQY overflow ball mill. The grid type of MQG and GZMg is suitable to the first stage grinding in which the demand of grinding is low. The grinding fineness of GZMg cone grid ball mill is better than that of MQY.

The price of ball mill is determined by its type and specification. The same specification, but different types, the price is different. Usually, the price of GZMg cone grid>MQG grid>GZM overflow>MQY overflow. The same type, the price is higher with the increase of specification. That means the bigger specification, the higher price.

The types of ball mill produced by Xin hai Mining Group are MQG, GZM, GZMg and more. Each type has various specifications that are suitable not only for big, middle, small concentrating plants but also to a laboratory. The ball mill in Xin hai is much cheaper, more reliable than that of other companies. Not only those, Xin hai provides higher-quality services. 

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