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Energy-saving Ball Mill Manufacturer

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At present, in domestic, the number of manufacturers is more than 100. After 2008, with the steel market declined continuously, the competition of ball mill market becomes more and more fierce. In order to have a competitive advantage, many ball mill manufacturers must continuously improve the equipment. Among the energy-saving ball mill manufacturers, Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., LTD. is an overwhelming of many companies. 

Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., an energy-saving ball mill manufacturer, produces many several of specifications and models of wet and overflow energy-saving ball mill. The work principle of wet energy-saving grid ball mill & wet overflow ball mill and grid ball mill & overflow ball mill are same. And the reason that the former can save much energy depends on the following five points, which are all from Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.,

The design of the main component in the cylinder, with a good ratio between the length and diameter, is more scientific and reasonable, so that the particle size produced by the grid ball mill can meet the requirements, at the same time, they can be discharged timely. The energy is saved.

The use of large-scale double row self-aligning bearing greatly reduces the friction between cylinder and bearing, which can save energy about 20 ~ 30%.

The use of lighter wear-resistant rubber lining reduces energy consumption.

The use of advanced oil mist lubrication device, which makes gear lubrication, reduces friction even saves much energy.

The capacity of the ball mill is improved by enlarging the end of discharge device appropriately. In addition, these two types of a small-scale energy-saving ball mill (φ2.1m or less) with the overall rack, make the installation easier.

Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., a ball mill manufacturer, is a model among the manufacturers of energy-saving ball mill, which leads the development to the direction of energy-saving ball mill and the beneficent business to achieve much progress.

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