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How to judge a Chute Feeder’s performance

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How to judge a Chute Feeder’s performance, Xinhai
Chute Feeder is a periodic and reciprocating feeding machine used for transporting large bulk materials. Here are the four aspects to help you judge whether a chute feeder is good or not. As Xinhai Chute Feeder an example:
1. The Features of Xinhai Chute Feeder
Xinhai Chute Feeder can be set up on the ground or hoisted on the outlet of ore bin. The motion of chute feeding machine bottom slab is reciprocating-transmission, the eccentric distance of which is half of the stroke. According to some production practices in mineral processing plant, the eccentric distance should be not less than 30mm for sticky ores. The width of this kind of efficient chute feeding equipment is about 2-2.5 times the maximum particle size.
2. The Application of Xinhai Chute Feeder
Xinhai Chute Feeding Product is suitable for short distance transportation of the block materials with feed particle size of 160mm or less. Applications of this innovative Xinhai Chute feeding machine is wide, which include feeding the materials in ore bin uniformly and continuously to crushing or transportation machine in mine, mineral processing plant, chemical industry, cement and building department.
3. The Work Principle of Xinhai Chute Feeder
This type of feeding equipment applied in conveying ores is generally installed at the bottom of the outlet of ore bin. The ore falls on the bushing at the bottom of the tank, which is installed on the roller wheel, and connected with the double-shaft reducer through eccentric gear, and then joined with the motor through the coupling. In the operation of feeding in the mineral processing, the motor through coupling drives reducer, and the feeding equipment used in ore processing and the drain cap between feed rack bottom and roller wheel through eccentric disc will do rectilinear motions, so as to complete uniform feeding.
4. The Advantages of Xihai Chute Feeder
Simple structure, even feeding, good continues performance
Change and control flow and feeding volume at any time
Stable transmission & large capability reaching up to 10~90t/h
Compact structure, reasonable design
Excellent quality, wide application
Knowing these four aspects can help you judge the chute feeing machine’s performance.

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