the ten-day induction training

2018 Xinhai New Force

"Great people will always encounter, one way or the other."

With summer here, a group of young people who had never met before gathered in Xinhai. During the ten-day induction training, they have successfully completed their "ten-day tour" with full enthusiasm. Let's take a look at their wonderful journey.

"Spring" New Partner

With the fear of starting the first job and the expectation of the future, dozens of new employees joined Xinhai family, who injected new vitality to Xinhai and enriched the team strength of Xinhai.

Post-95s Generation College Graduates

18 Provinces 28 Cities

26 Prestigious Universities

13 Major Categories

New Partner
New Partner
New Partner
New Partner

"Summer" New Experience

New Experience

The newcomer’s training was carried out in groups. The completion of each task required effective communication, reasonable labor division and efficient execution among members. Whether in product & service course, professionalization course, or voluble debate, serious business negotiation part, newcomers totally showed their serious, persistent, cautious team style, which made us sigh deeply: As the post-95s generation, they were full of passion, vitality and unlimited potential.

New Experience

"Autumn" New Progress

In this brief induction training, 2018 newcomers said goodbye to their student times and became a real professional.

They obtained rapid growth under circumstance of heavy courses and tight time. All their efforts turned into the bright score on the product examination, the brilliant thought collision in the debate and the overcoming of each problem in the team task. Not only did they learn something new, but they gained the precious "war friendship".

Best Team


This is an outstanding team, a harmonious family. In a status of "you have me, and I have you", the team members promoted each other and grown together. With concentrated attention to work and great enthusiasm to partners, they learned from each other, and assembled the strongest team!

Advanced Individual



During the ten-day training, I benefited a lot from every class and task. This process tested not only individuals but also the whole team, and the shining points of everyone were more remarkable in teamwork. There were many things to explore and learn in the next work, I looked forward to exploring more potential here and witnessed a stronger Xinhai.

Advanced Individual
Outstanding Individual

Zhuochao Gu

Outstanding Individual


From the team building, ice-breaking to the product learning, debate competition, professional quality training, I not only learned a lot about company's products, but also understood how to become a professional. Although it was rainy during the training, my sky was bright. And I believed this training would be the most precious experience in my life.

Newcomer Representative



Back to full time study made me feel like being return to the moment of college entrance examination. Every activity made me know the team power and the sense of mission. In this training, we not only improved our ability, but also changed our mindset. Although we have entered different departments, I would always remember the time we spent together.

Newcomer Representative

"Winter" New Future

With the successful completion of the orientation training, 2018 newcomers have stepped into their respective posts and started their new journey. Next, they would meet the various challenges in the best state, constantly honed professional skills, cultivated their professional quality, and devoted themselves on the posts, then grown to a strong force in the journey of century-old Xinhai!

Zhongyi ZhangBoard director

Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc

Wishes:What you need is what we can do!

“Full and intense ten-day training has gone by and everybody has entered into the formal job. I believe that many of you have been anticipating this moment. Whether you feel sorry for your past or ready for your work, another new chapter in your life begin from this moment. I hope you keep in mind that "What you need is what we can do”, either as customers or colleagues. Because what are your future like, and what Xinhai’s tomorrow will be.”

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