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Equipment packing and shipping is the most important preparation for installation and commissioning, which is directly related to whether the equipment can deliver well, whether the installation can be completed efficiently, whether the commission can reach the standard successfully.

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Introduction of Xinhai Packing&Shipping


Equipment Packaging

Xinhai adopts the following seven packing ways to ensure that equipment is delivered to the mineral processing plant in sound conditions and avoid latent risks in the delivery process.

Agitation tank packaging Wooden packaging Airform winding packing Straw rope packing
Nude Packing

Nude Packing

Nude packing is mainly used for some equipments that are wear resistant, high quality, and without packing, such as the steel that install the material, shell plate of equipment, which saves cost for customers.

Bundle Packing

Bundle packing is suitable for angle steel, channel and steel pipe that used to install material, and the parts that with small size, large quantity and wear-resistant, such as stiffening plate, reinforcing plate and flange. Besides, it also demands shipping mark in the bundle packing equipment, indicating goods name, specification and quantity.

Bundle Packing
Rope Bundle Packing

Rope Bundle Packing

Rope bundle packing is suitable for delicate and brittle equipment, such as bearing, belt conveyor, electric drum, etc.

Waterproof Winding Packing

Waterproof winding packing is suitable for all loose packaged equipment, secondary machine and electrical products, reducer, electric control cabinet. It is packaged with stretch film, which is waterproof, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant.

Waterproof Winding Packing
Snakeskin Bag

Snakeskin Bag, Airform Winding Packing

This packing method is mainly used for easily worn-off equipment is painted on surface that is rust-proof, wear-resistant and anti-collision.

Wood Pallet Packing

Suitable for the goods with large quantity, easy to loosen and roll, such as blade of leaching tank, bracket of belt conveyor and carrier roller.

Wood Pallet Packing
Wooden Packaging

Wooden Packaging

Wooden packing applies to the equipment with large quantity and small size, such as spare parts, laboratory facilities and electrical material. Wooden packing should be attached to packing list, packing detail and DMAX(both Chinese and English).




Besides the super-long, extra-wide and ultra-high large equipment, Xinhai adopts 40 feet container to shipping for other equipment in overseas EPC projects. Each container is designed by the professionals from Xinhai logistics department, making the maximum weight close to the container load weight on the premise of not wasting volume, making full use of every container, saving the packing cost and transportation cost for customers.

Flat Rack

Flat rack is used for super-long, extra-wide, and large ultra-high equipment and heavy goods, such as ball mill, and agitation tank, which are packaged by Xinhai logistics packing staff who have rich experience in packaging, ensuring equipment is reliable and safe.

Classifier ready for shipping Containerization shipment Flat rack Equipment Packaging

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