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Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator

[Introduction]: A wet permanent magnetic separator for separating strong magnetic minerals

[Capacity]: 24t/h-240t/h

[Improvement]: Magnetic system materials adopt the NdFeB with high magnetic energy product and high coercivity, strong magnetic density and high affect depth; the surface of the cylinder is lined with Xinhai wear-resistant rubber.



Permanent magnetic drum separators have 3 kinds including downstream type, counter flow type and semi- counter flow type according to the difference of base structures.

Downstream type permanent magnetic drum separator: slurry flows in the same direction with the drum.

Counter flow type permanent magnetic drum separator: slurry flows over against the drum, which create great conditions for cleaning of non magnetic ores. The non magnetic ores approach the clean surface of the drum and the magnetic ores can be absorbed in the strongest magnetic field.

Semi-counter flow type permanent magnetic drum separator: slurry is fed into the cavity from the bottom of the drum, and the magnetic ores fall into the concentrate tank after reaching a certain height, while the non magnetic ores will enter into tailings tank along with slurry in the opposite direction with drum.


Model & Spec.CTBY1018CTBY1024CTBY1030CTBY1218CTBY1224CTBY1230
Diameter of Cylinder (mm)100010001000120012001200
Length of Cylinder (mm)180024003000180024003000
Surface Magnetic Density (mt)350~550350~550350~550350~550350~550350~550
Rotating Speed of Cylinder (r/min)232323202020
Capacity of Dry Ore (t/h)42 ~6553 ~8682~12458 ~9771~120103~158
Feed Size (mm)0~100~100~100~100~100~10
Slurry Density (%)20 ~5020 ~5020 ~5020 ~5020 ~5020 ~50
Motor Power (kW)
Total Weight (t)
Equipment Length (mm)316037904460338041904770
Equipment Width (mm)225022502250246024602460
Equipment Height (mm)175017501750200020002000



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