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【Xinhai Case】Laos 2000TPD Gold Processing Project

Xinhai News 2020-09-23 XinHai Views (268)

Xinhai provided the mineral processing EPC+M+O service for the Laos 2000tpd gold processing project. The processing flow adopted all-slime cyanide carbon slurry method (CIL).

The Maintenance Point of Floatation Cell Is All Here!

Equipment News 2020-09-29 XinHai Views (75)

Usually, the maintenance and overhaul work of the flotation cell shall be equipped with full-time personnel, mainly including daily inspection, cleaning, lubrication and regular maintenance and other operations, so as to ensure the stable and continuous operation of the flotation cell.

Five Gold Tailings Disposal Methods to Teach You How to Utilize the Gold Tailings

Mineral Solution 2020-10-04 XinHai Views (58)

Based on the above problems, the gold tailings disposal methods and comprehensive utilization of gold tailings is extremely urgent. At present, the common gold tailings disposal methods and comprehensive utilization mainly include the following ways: gold tailings reprocessing method, gold tailings dry stacking method, production of building materials, mine filling, reclamation and making field.

Xinhai News

12-14 2020

Xinhai Mining EPC participated in the Silk Road Mining Forum and Mining Technology Conference

As 2020 draws to a close, Xinhai Mining has participated in many mining conferences and its influence has been increasing. This week, Xinhai Mining was invited to participate in the Silk Road Mining Forum and China Mining Science & Technology Conference. In the Xinhai Mining Exhibition Area, Xinhai Mining’s innovative “Turn-key Solution for Mineral Processing Plant (EPC+M+O)” attracted many participants to come to visit and consult, and the technological VR processing plant experience also received a lot of attention.

12-07 2020

Chairman Mr. Zhang Yunlong Attended The 2020 China Nonferrous Metals Annual Conference And Discussed The Prospects of The Industry

On Dec 3, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Annual Conference was held in Suzhou. This annual conference was jointly organized by Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Network, Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Shandong Aluminum Association, Shanghai Mining Industry Chain Service Innovation Alliance and other units to grasp the pulse of the non-ferrous metals industry in the new trade environment. Mr. Zhang Yunlong, Chairman of Xinhai Mining, was invited to attend the conference with his “Turn-key Solution for Mineral Processing Plant (EPC+M+O)” to discuss the industry development prospect focusing in a global context.

11-24 2020

Xinhai Mining Showed on 2020 China-Middle East & North Africa National Digital Trade Fair

On November 19th, the China-Middle East & North Africa National Digital Trade Fair opened online by China Trade Promotion Committee. More than 1.2 thousand exhibitors from a variety of professions took part in this digital trade fair. Xinhai Mining also showed up with mineral processing EPC+M+O service.

09-23 2020

【Xinhai Case】Laos 2000TPD Gold Processing Project

Xinhai provided the mineral processing EPC+M+O service for the Laos 2000tpd gold processing project. The processing flow adopted all-slime cyanide carbon slurry method (CIL).

09-18 2020

Xinhai Was Invited To Two Mining Technology Exchange Conference, Constantly Increasing Industry Influence!

Recently, Xinhai Mining with mineral processing EPC+M+O service successively appeared the 4th China Copper Industry Science and Technology Development Exchange Conference and China Cyanide Tailing Dealing and Comprehensive Utilization Technology Exchange Conference. Xinhai discussed the technology development result with peers and constantly increasing industry influence.

09-11 2020

【Xinhai Mining Mechanical Design institute】Focus on Equipment Customization, combined with solutions, energy-saving and efficient.

Xinhai Mechanical Design Institute focuses on the design and research of mineral processing equipment for over 20 years, who has required numerous technical achievements in the ball mill, the combination of KYF flotation cell and XCF flotation cell and updated high-efficiency thickener.

Special Report

Tailing dry stacking

Xinhai Tailing Dry Stacking

In recent years, "Green Mining" has become an inevitable choice for mining enterprises. As the "waste" after mineral processing, tailings has been recognized as the potential secondary resource, but traditional tailings wet discharging violates the principle "Green Mining".…

Xinhai New Energy-saving Grinder

Xinhai New Energy-saving Grinding Mills

Grinding mill has an impact on grinding cost and performance. The common grinding mills used in the mineral processing include ball mill machine, rod mill, autogenous mill, Raymond mill. Making a reasonable choice of grinding mill, reducing the grinding cost are important ways to improve the mineral processing efficiency.…


Xinhai Three Gold Beneficiation Systems

Under the new situation, Xinhai Mining has paid long-term attention to extraction of gold, technology and equipment research & development. According to the different types of gold ore characteristics and user requirements, Xinhai has formed three kinds of gold mining processes for the extraction of gold, include gold cyanide leaching process, gold floatation process, gold gravity separation process.…

Equipment News

The Ball Mill Gears Wear Intensifies? Here Are the Reasons and Solutions!

The mining ball mill is an important part of the grinding system, and ensuring its stable and efficient operation plays a vital role in the whole processing plant. And the large gear is one of the important components of the mining ball mill, and its service life will directly affect the service life of the mining ball mill.

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01-15 2021

Mineral Solution

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