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Technical Strength

The modern mining enterprise benefits from leading technologies, which are embodied in customized and rational process flow, and high-quality equipment. Xinhai is fully aware of the importance of technology for the development of an enterprise. Therefore, it has mine research institute, mine design institute and mechanical design institute three departments, which provide strong technical support for the smooth development of sales and the comprehensive implementation of "mineral processing EPC+M+O service".

Our advantage

01Mine Research Institute

Providing Accurate Tests for More than 70 Kinds of Ores

Xinhai chemical laboratory has such a complete set of modern advanced equipment as crusher, fine grinder, roaster, dryer, spectrometer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, infrared ore analyzer and detector, etc. The mineral processing research institute has a sample crushing room and can conduct rock ore identification, Bond grinding work index test, intelligent laser particle size detection and so on. Optimal mineral processing technology will be provided after various mineral processing tests including gravity concentration, magnetic separation, flotation, cyanide leaching and adsorption, bacterial oxidation, acid leaching and wet mineral processing, special mineral processing, dump leaching, tailings thickening and dry tailings stacking.

Mine Research Institute
Mine Research Institute

Conducting Mineral Processing Test with Innovative Thought

Special and innovative test schemes are customized based on different ore properties. Up to 29 schemes have been designed for gold mine processing.

Emphasizing on Sample Representativeness for Complex Tests of Multiple Mining Points

Generally, the ore properties of different ore occurrence are different, so the ore supply of many mines are completed by multiple ore occurrences. Based on different ore properties, Xinhai has formulated the representative sampling method.

02Mine Design Institute

Mine Design Institute

Complete in Specialty and Rich in Experience

Xinhai mine design institute has Grade B design qualification in metallurgical industry and has a talent pipeline of 80 specialists in 16 areas, including geology, mining, mining machine, shaft construction, mineral processing, civil engineering, electricity, water supply and drainage, heating, ventilation, tailings, pipeline, automation, steel structure, technical economy and cost estimation, who can provide mine engineering design and consultancy for ferrous and nonferrous metal mines, gold mines, nonmetal mines and chemical mines with annual capacities ranging from hundreds of tons to millions of tons.

3D Design and Production Line Design of Modular Steel Structure Processing Plant

With professional SolidWorks 3D design software and PDM design management system, Xinhai can provide conventional mineral processing plant design, mobile mineral processing plant design, 3D mineral processing plant design, production line design of modular steel structure processing plant.

Design in Australia JORC Standard and Canada NI43-101 Standard

Xinhai can provide the design in accordance with not only Chinese standards, but also Australian JORC standard, Valmin specification and Canada NI43-101 standard. For some countries and regions in Africa, South America, Central Asia and Southeast Asia, Xinhai can conduct the design according to the standards and codes of China, Australia, Canada and local countries.

Targeted and Innovative Project Design

No mines in the world are the same, and Xinhai will always provide customized design scheme for your mine.

Mine Design Institute
Mine Design Institute

03Mechanical Design Institute

Innovative Mechanical Equipment

Xinhai mechanical design institute has rich experience in equipment design, and has developed many technicians who well know the equipment theories and practices, and grasp professional skills in mechanical and mineral processing, who has upgraded more than 80% of mining equipment, and applied for a number of national patents.

Strong Equipment Manufacturing Capacity

With more than 1,000 varieties of equipment covering mining, mineral processing and smelting, Xinhai can provide whole sets of main and auxiliary equipment for mines with capacities below 50,000t/d. It has passed the certification of ISO 9001:2015 and CE, and earned a reputation for reliable quality.

Mechanical Design Institute
Mechanical Design Institute

High-standard Accessory Matching Capacity

For developed countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States, South America and high-demand clients, Xinhai will provide the matched accessories such as motor, reducer, bearing and electrical components of internationally renowned brands.

Mining Equipment Configuration

Xinhai can provide customers with all kinds of equipment and spare parts needed in mining production. If the local cannot provide part of the materials needed in mining production in some mining areas, Xinhai can assist customers to purchase relevant materials.

Expert Team

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