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Ultimate Guide of Mine Tailings Dewatering Machine

At present, the commonly used tailings dewatering machine mainly includes dewatering hydrocyclone, efficient deep cone thickener, efficient improved thickener, high frequency dewatering screen, filter.

2021-04-28 XinHai Views (18)

What Factors Affect the Working Efficiency of the Hydrocyclone Separator?

The hydrocyclone separator is an effective mineral processing equipment for ore classification.In the production, the factors affecting the working efficiency of the hydrocyclone separator mainly include ore properties, equipment structure and technological operation.

2021-04-19 XinHai Views (49)

Introduction of Hematite Iron Ore Beneficiation Equipment

Common hematite iron ore beneficiation processes include froth flotation, magnetic separation, gravity separation and roasting process, which means that the raw ore enters the separation process after passing through the crushing and screening, grinding and classifying stages, and the hematite concentrate is separated by flotation equipment, magnetic separation equipment and gravity separation equipment.

2021-03-30 XinHai Views (84)

4 Common Methods of iron ore concentrate process

According to the different properties of iron ore, the beneficiation methods are also different. Let's introduce the 4 Common Methods of iron ore concentrate process respectively.

2021-03-12 XinHai Views (148)

Here are Reasons and Solution for Belt Deviation of Belt Conveyor!

The belt conveyor is a kind of material transportation equipment commonly used in the current concentrator, in which the belt plays an important role as the load bearing and transport device.

2021-02-25 XinHai Views (134)

Here Are the Analysis and Solutions for Common failures of Flotation Cells!

Flotation cell is one of the main equipment used in mineral processing plant for separation. In actual production, the flotation cell will encounter various problems from time to time. For example, the cover plate or stator screw falling off, the groove bottom is worn, the groove bottom guard plate is pried, the impeller cover plate is worn or corroded, and the scraper mechanism is not flexible, bearing clearance becomes large, etc.

2021-01-29 XinHai Views (244)