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Three reasons for gear wear in the rod mill machine and their solutions

In fact, wear is inevitable in the process of rod mill machine operation. Its wear mechanisms are different, and the corresponding solutions are not the same. Let's know the reasons and solutions for gear wear of rod mill machine.

2021-10-02 XinHai Views (126)

Seven points must be done in the daily operation of shaking table mineral processing

In practice, what operational points should we pay attention to during the operation of the shaking table mineral processing?

2021-09-28 XinHai Views (149)

Three factors affecting the grinding efficiency of ball mill

In the practice, the factors affecting the grinding efficiency of ball mill can be summarized into three aspects: material characteristics, equipment performance and operating conditions.

2021-09-01 XinHai Views (260)

What Are the Factors That Affect the Separation Effect of Spiral Chute Machine?

The spiral chute machine has the advantages of large processing capacity, low operation cost, and convenient maintenance. However, in the production process, there will also be unstable sorting efficiency. We will take you to understand several factors that affect the sorting effect of spiral chutes.

2021-08-23 XinHai Views (209)

Mineral spiral classifier or hydrocyclone separator? Five differences teach you how to select the suitable one!

At present, the mineral spiral classifier and hydrocyclone separator are two kinds of commonly used classification equipment in concentrator. Before selecting, we need to know the difference between mineral spiral classifier and hydrocyclone separator, then choose the suitable one accordingly.

2021-08-16 XinHai Views (446)

Why does Xinhai Innovative Ball Mill Plant Perform so Efficiently?

Ball mill​ is a very important mineral processing equipment in the mineral beneficiation plant. The high-quality ball mill plant can not only improve the efficiency of the whole mineral beneficiation plant but also save costs greatly and obtain maximum return on investment.

2021-08-09 XinHai Views (711)