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Here are Reasons and Solution for Belt Deviation of Belt Conveyor!

The belt conveyor is a kind of material transportation equipment commonly used in the current concentrator, in which the belt plays an important role as the load bearing and transport device.

2021-02-25 XinHai Views (12)

Here Are the Analysis and Solutions for Common failures of Flotation Cells!

Flotation cell is one of the main equipment used in mineral processing plant for separation. In actual production, the flotation cell will encounter various problems from time to time. For example, the cover plate or stator screw falling off, the groove bottom is worn, the groove bottom guard plate is pried, the impeller cover plate is worn or corroded, and the scraper mechanism is not flexible, bearing clearance becomes large, etc.

2021-01-29 XinHai Views (145)

The Ball Mill Gears Wear Intensifies? Here Are the Reasons and Solutions!

The mining ball mill is an important part of the grinding system, and ensuring its stable and efficient operation plays a vital role in the whole processing plant. And the large gear is one of the important components of the mining ball mill, and its service life will directly affect the service life of the mining ball mill.

2021-01-15 XinHai Views (217)

Hydrocyclone Has These Five Problems? Open This Passage!

The hydrocyclone is an effective fine-grain classification equipment in the current mineral processing equipment. In daily production, the hydrocyclone more or less will have some problems.

2021-01-04 XinHai Views (344)

A Big Inventory of Quartz Sand Processing Equipment,Collect It!

Quartz sand, also known as silica sand (quartz sand with SiO2 content above 98.5%, silica sand with SiO2 content below 98.5%), can be made into high-purity quartz sand after the mineral processing and purification. It is widely used in glass, ceramics, metallurgy, casting and refractory industries.

2020-12-25 XinHai Views (314)

Three Operating Guidelines to Teach You How to Properly Operate Grinding Equipment

As the important equipment in the whole production line of a processing plant, the grinding equipment undertakes the heavy responsibility of grinding operation. But it’s also well-known that grinding equipment wears out a lot, which requires us not only to maintain it regularly but also to pay attention to the daily operation of grinding equipment. In the operation of grinding equipment, some users unknowingly misused the grinding equipment, resulting in the "premature death" of the equipment, and unilaterally complained about the poor quality. However, even if the grinding equipment has superior quality, if the daily operation is careless, the equipment will also be damaged prematurely.

2020-12-03 XinHai Views (272)