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Common Problems and Solutions of Jigging Process

In case of abnormal problems of the jig, which may affect the normal work of the subsequent process flow, it should be dealt with in time. Therefore, it is very important to understand the common problems of the jigging process and how to deal with them.

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Seven Highlights of Xinhai Thickener!

Thickening and sedimentation is an important part of the mineral processing plant. With the improvement of processing requirements, the traditional thickener has obvious problems, such as slow settling speed, easy to be muddy, low processing capacity, etc. According to the above problems, Xinhai keeps improving thickener, combining with processing technology, improving sedimentation efficiency, reducing muddy probability, and reducing equipment operation cost.

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Intelligent controlling & moving flexible, How can Xinhai Mining New Type Mobile Pump Station solve the problems of clients?

According to the requirement, the mobile pump station emerges. It solves the problems of traditional pump stations and can also move as a whole station. Since it put into usage, Xinhai's new type of mobile pump station receives praise and favor.

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Ball Mill Manufacturers Tell You the Ball Mill Types and Selection Tips

At present, there are various kinds of ball mill types on the market with different functions and prices. It is difficult to select the suitable ball mail machine when choosing it. Next, Xinhai ball mill machine manufacturers take you to learn about the ball mill and then select the suitable ball mill types for your mineral processing plant.

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Ball Mill Machine Manufacturers Tell You the Working Principle of Ball Mill Machine

Xinhai ball mill manufacturers will introduce the running state of the ball mill machine from the structure of the ball mill machine, motion state of ball mill machine and the working principle of the ball mill machine.

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These aspects influencing flotation cell effect should not be ignored!

The flotation cell is the core equipment of the whole flotation workshop. In the flotation process, the factors influencing the flotation effect include grinding fineness, slurry and feeding concentration, air inflation, flotation time. In this passage, we will analyze the above factors, and find out how they influence the flotation effects of the flotation cell.

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