How to Choose the Fluorite Mineral Processing Machine?

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Fluorite is an important non-metallic mineral, the main component of which is calcium fluoride. In industrial applications, fluorite is mainly used to produce hydrofluoric acid, flux for metal smelting, refrigerant, fluoride products, optical materials, and ceramic glazes. Therefore, fluorite beneficiation technology and mineral processing machine are crucial to improving ore grade and resource utilization efficiency. Fluorite beneficiation technology mainly includes crushing and screening, grinding and grading, selection and purification, and dehydration.

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Fluorite mineral processing machine for crushing and screening

The fluorite ore crushing and screening stage is mainly to crush the fluorite ore initially. According to the physical characteristics of the fluorite ore and the required particle size, different crushing processes can be adopted, such as three-stage one closed circuit crushing, three-stage open circuit crushing or two-stage one closed circuit crushing. In this stage, crushers, screening machines, electronic iron removers and metal detectors are the main mineral processing machine used.

jaw crusher machine

Crusher: Jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure, large output, stable operation, and adjustable discharge port to meet different production requirements. It is suitable for coarse crushing. Cone crusher is suitable for medium and fine crushing with its high efficiency and large output.

Screening machine: Drum screen is suitable for the situation where the original ore contains a lot of mud and has a serious degree of adhesion, reducing the blockage of the screen hole, and can be screened with water to play the role of washing the ore; circular vibrating screen is suitable for rock ores without mud and low water content, and can perform efficient screening operations.

Electronic iron remover and metal detector: used to remove iron impurities, usually set after a crushing.

02Fluorite mineral processing machine for grinding and classification

Entering the grinding and classification stage, the ore particles will be further ground to a monomer dissociation state. As the core equipment of this stage, the ball mill significantly improves the fineness and purity of fluorite through efficient grinding.

ore grinding machine

Ball mill: Different types of ball mills are selected according to different grinding processes. Grid-type ball mills are often used in the first-stage grinding and classification process. Overflow-type ball mills are commonly used in the second-stage grinding.

Classification equipment: including hydrocyclones and spiral classifiers. Hydrocyclone cyclones are often used in combination with overflow ball mills, and spiral classifiers are often used in combination with grid-type ball mills.

03Fluorite mineral processing machine for separation and purification

In the sorting stage, when the original ore is coarse-grained fluorite lump ore, the gravity separation process can be used. When the original ore has a high mud content, is accompanied by impurity minerals, or the useful minerals are embedded in a fine particle size, the flotation process can be used.

1. Fluorite Gravity Separation Equipment

The gravity separation of fluorite ore is carried out based on the difference in specific gravity between fluorite and associated gangue. It also has a good enrichment effect on the beneficiation of some low-grade fluorite ores. Its main equipment is a jig. The jig for selecting fluorite ore has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The working principle of the jig is very simple, usually consisting of a jig chamber, a diaphragm and a transmission system. The processing particle size range of jig machine is 30 (20) ~ 0.5mm; the shaking table is suitable for processing fine-grained fluorite ore, and the processing particle size range is 2 ~ 0.037mm. The spiral chute is suitable for processing complex and low-mud fine-grained fluorite ore, and the processing particle size range is 0.1 ~ 0.37mm.

jig machine for fluorite ore processing

2. Fluorite flotation equipment

By adding suitable flotation reagents, the surface properties of fluorite ore and gangue minerals are changed to achieve mineral separation. The main equipment used in this stage are mechanical agitation flotation machines and aeration flotation machines.

Mechanical stirring flotation machine: including BF type and SF type. BF type flotation machine is mostly suitable for roughing and cleaning operations. SF type flotation machine is suitable for roughing and scavenging operations in the flotation process of large and medium-sized fluorite mines. Its characteristics are that the impeller has backward-inclined blades on both sides, which can realize the double circulation of slurry in the tank, and the forward-inclined tank has the advantages of small dead angle and fast foam movement speed.

Inflatable flotation machine: mainly XCF type and KYF type. XCF type flotation machine is suitable for roughing and scavenging operations in large and medium-sized fluorite flotation plants. KYF type flotation machine is suitable for roughing and cleaning operations in the flotation process of large and medium-sized fluorite mines. XCF and KYF flotation machines can form a joint unit to make the entire infrastructure horizontal, which can effectively reduce infrastructure costs.

ore beneficiation flotation cell

04Fluorite mineral processing machine for Dewatering

The dehydration process of fluorite ore is mainly divided into two parts: concentrate dehydration and tailings dehydration. Concentrate dehydration mainly uses concentration equipment and filtration equipment to make it reach a certain water content and then dry it for industrial applications; tailings dehydration uses different tailings dry discharge processes to achieve dehydration according to the tailings treatment requirements.

Concentrator: Suitable for dehydration of concentrate and tailings, usually used as a dehydration equipment in the dehydration process.

thickener machine

Chamber filter press/vacuum filter: used for dehydration of concentrate and tailings, can reduce the water content of slurry to 9-12%.

In order to ensure the ideal beneficiation effect, it is recommended to conduct beneficiation tests on the ore before beneficiation to scientifically and reasonably determine the beneficiation process. According to the specific processing capacity and ore properties of the fluorite ore beneficiation plant, the most suitable beneficiation equipment and methods are selected to achieve optimal utilization of resources and ideal economic benefits.



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