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01/ 03

【Xinhai Case】Laos 2000TPD Gold Processing Project

Xinhai provided the mineral processing EPC+M+O service for the Laos 2000tpd gold processing project. The processing flow adopted all-slime cyanide carbon slurry method (CIL).

02/ 03

【Xinhai Mining Mechanical Design institute】Focus on Equipment Customization, combined with solutions, energy-saving and efficient.

Xinhai Mechanical Design Institute focuses on the design and research of mineral processing equipment for over 20 years, who has required numerous technical achievements in the ball mill, the combination of KYF flotation cell and XCF flotation cell and updated high-efficiency thickener.

03/ 03

Xinhai Was Invited To Two Mining Technology Exchange Conference, Constantly Increasing Industry Influence!

Recently, Xinhai Mining with mineral processing EPC+M+O service successively appeared the 4th China Copper Industry Science and Technology Development Exchange Conference and China Cyanide Tailing Dealing and Comprehensive Utilization Technology Exchange Conference. Xinhai discussed the technology development result with peers and constantly increasing industry influence.

How to Choose the Proper Solution for Your Limonite Beneficiation?

2021-11-25 XinHai Views (88)

As typical refractory iron ore, limonite has the characteristics of easy siltification with a poor separation index. Here comes the common process of limonite beneficiation including the single separation process and combined separation process.

One stage grinding flotation process VS stage grinding flotation process, how to choose?

2021-11-22 XinHai Views (134)

According to the stage number of the flotation process (the number of grinding and flotation), the common flotation processes can be divided into one stage grinding-flotation process and stage grinding-flotation process.

Four Types of Fluorite Ore Flotation Processes

2021-11-16 XinHai Views (136)

According to different gangue minerals, the fluorite ore can be divided into quartz-fluorite ore, calcite-fluorite ore, sulfide fluorite ore, and barite-fluorite ore. Let’s learn about the various types of fluorite flotation processes in detail.

Extraction methods of three types of common iron ore

2021-11-12 XinHai Views (114)

Common iron ores include magnetite, hematite, and limonite. In this passage, we will introduce you to the extraction methods of three types of common iron ore.

Three flotation processes breakthrough the separation difficulties between feldspar and quartz

2021-11-08 XinHai Views (110)

Flotation is often used to separate feldspar and quartz in the production. According to the different pulp medium, there are three main flotation separation methods of feldspar and quartz, namely alkaline flotation process, acid flotation process and neutral flotation process.

What are the solutions for pyrite processing?

2021-11-05 XinHai Views (123)

According to the different properties of pyrite, a single process of gravity and flotation or a combined process of gravity and flotation can be used for pyrite processing.

Flotation as a separation technique, Why is too coarse or fine ore particles difficult to float?

2021-10-29 XinHai Views (164)

Flotation is a separation technique, why is the ore difficult to flotation when the ore particles are too coarse or fine? And how can we solve it?

Here are the common magnetite beneficiation processes!

2021-10-20 XinHai Views (211)

The subject of iron ore beneficiation in many kinds of iron ore is magnetite beneficiation. The common magnetite beneficiation processes mainly include a single magnetic separation process and low intensity magnetic separation-reverse flotation process.

What Factors Would Affect Quartz Flotation Processing Plant?

2021-10-18 XinHai Views (263)

Quartz flotation is one of the common beneficiation methods for quartz purification. Importantly, ignoring the following factors would reduce the quartz flotation efficiency greatly.There are three factors needed to take into consideration in quartz flotation processing plants.

Key Solutions to Efficiently Recover Kaolin Ore

2021-10-09 XinHai Views (345)

The low and medium-quality kaolin ore must be purified to remove impurities before being put into the next production. In industrial production applications, kaolin ore beneficiation can be divided into the dry beneficiation process and wet beneficiation process.

4 Solutions to Efficiently Enrich Chrome Ore Beneficiation

2021-10-05 XinHai Views (366)

Among all rare metals, chrome has obvious significance and necessity. At present, the common chrome ore beneficiation solution mainly includes gravity separation, magnetic separation, flotation separation, and a combined gravity-magnetic separation.

Guide of Gold Heap Leaching Process Flow

2021-09-23 XinHai Views (240)

In production, the common gold heap leaching process flow mainly includes six stages: ore preparation, leaching pad construction, heap building, leaching solution preparation, solution distribution and collection, rich solution (precious solution) processing.