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01/ 03

【Xinhai Case】Laos 2000TPD Gold Processing Project

Xinhai provided the mineral processing EPC+M+O service for the Laos 2000tpd gold processing project. The processing flow adopted all-slime cyanide carbon slurry method (CIL).

02/ 03

【Xinhai Mining Mechanical Design institute】Focus on Equipment Customization, combined with solutions, energy-saving and efficient.

Xinhai Mechanical Design Institute focuses on the design and research of mineral processing equipment for over 20 years, who has required numerous technical achievements in the ball mill, the combination of KYF flotation cell and XCF flotation cell and updated high-efficiency thickener.

03/ 03

Xinhai Was Invited To Two Mining Technology Exchange Conference, Constantly Increasing Industry Influence!

Recently, Xinhai Mining with mineral processing EPC+M+O service successively appeared the 4th China Copper Industry Science and Technology Development Exchange Conference and China Cyanide Tailing Dealing and Comprehensive Utilization Technology Exchange Conference. Xinhai discussed the technology development result with peers and constantly increasing industry influence.

Gold Gravity Separation-the Economical Solution for Small Mineral Processing Plant

2021-08-02 XinHai Views (54)

The gold gravity separation refers to separate useful minerals and gangue through the difference in mineral density with the aid of the combined forces of the medium fluid and various mechanical, which is mostly used to recover the placer gold and coarse-grained gold (difficult to recover by other methods).

Which kind of gold ores is suitable for the flotation process? And what are the common gold flotation processes?

2021-07-28 XinHai Views (92)

In the actual production, which kind of gold ores are suitable for the flotation process? And what are the common gold flotation processes?

CIL Process-Cost Effective Gold Processing Solution

2021-07-23 XinHai Views (111)

Carbon in leaching(CIL process) is one of the main methods of gold beneficiation, which adds activated carbon to the slurry while leaching and adsorbing gold.

Guide of copper-lead-zinc sulfide ore flotation processes

2021-07-20 XinHai Views (146)

According to different ore properties, the copper-lead-zinc sulfide ore flotation processes are also different, mainly including preferential flotation process, full mixed flotation process, partial mixed-preferential flotation process and iso-flotation process.

Nickel Extraction Processes of Copper-nickel Sulfide Ore and Nickel Oxide Ore

2021-07-16 XinHai Views (143)

According to the mineral properties, the nickel ore is mainly divided into copper-nickel sulfide ore and nickel oxide ore, which have the different nickel extraction methods.

How many methods of refractory limonite processing are?

2021-07-12 XinHai Views (110)

Limonite is a weak magnetic mineral, as refractory iron ore. It doesn’t have obvious different from density, magnetism, and floatability. In this passage, let’s learn about the common processing methods of refractory iron ores.

The Guide of Common Tailings Reprocessing Equipment!

2021-07-08 XinHai Views (154)

At present, the common tailings reprocessing technologies mainly include flotation method, gravity separation method and magnetic separation method. Different tailings reprocessing technologies means different tailings reprocessing equipment.

Five flotation methods, help you processing lead-zinc oxide ores

2021-07-05 XinHai Views (135)

Compared with lead-zinc oxide ore, the composition of lead-zinc oxide ore is more complex, with many associated minerals, and the particle size is finer. It is easy to produce sludge and contains a lot of soluble salts. Various reasons make the flotation treatment of lead-zinc oxide ore difficult. This article will introduce you to 5 flotation methods and teach you how to choose lead-zinc oxide ore.

Carbon leaching method for gold extraction (CIL):Only these six steps from gold ore to gold ingot

2021-06-25 XinHai Views (187)

Carbon leaching method for gold extraction (CIL) means the activated carbon is added into the pulp, and leaching and adsorption of gold are carried out simultaneously.

Ultimate guide of gold tailings reprocessing technologies!

2021-06-23 XinHai Views (242)

At present, the common recycling and utilization of gold tailings mainly include the recycling of gold, the recycling of other associated non-ferrous or ferrous metals, and the recycling of non-metallic minerals.

Quartz sand extraction methods

2021-06-21 XinHai Views (186)

Quartz sand extraction is a difficult extraction technology to remove a small amount of or microscale impurities in quartz sand and gain refined quartz sand or high purity quartz sand. In this passage, we will introduce several quartz sand extraction methods.

Common five extraction processes of vein gold

2021-05-27 XinHai Views (320)

Due to the different ore properties of all kinds of vein gold ore, the extraction processes of vein gold are also different. The five extraction processes of vein gold mainly include single flotation process, all-slime cyanidation process and the combined gold extraction processes composed of gravity separation, flotation and cyanidation process.