What Are the Equipment for Gold Ore Gravity Separation Process?

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Gravity separation is one of the important methods of gold ore beneficiation. The method is to use the density difference between gold ore and other gangue minerals to complete the beneficiation and extraction of gold. Common equipment for gold mining in the main line mainly includes shakers and jigs. machine, spiral chute and centrifugal concentrator. Let’s take a look at these types of gold reselection equipment!

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01Shaking table for gold ore gravity separation

spiral chute

Shaking tables are mostly suitable for fine particle separation in gold ore gravity separation operations, and can produce high-grade concentrate, sub-concentrate, medium ore and tailings products at one time. Its working principle is to use an electric motor to drive the bed surface to move back and forth, and at the same time, the water supply tank supplies lateral flushing water. Under the action of gravity and water impulse, the particles are stratified in proportion, so minerals with different specific gravity are stratified along their respective The moving orbit flows and finally separates the concentrate, medium ore and tailings.

Commonly used gold gravity separation shaker equipment includes 6-s shaker and cloud shaker, and the former is more widely used and more commonly used.

02Jig equipment for gold ore gravity separation 


As an important equipment for gold ore gravity separation, the jig has a simple structure and large processing capacity, and is mostly suitable for processing medium- or coarse-grained gold ores. The main principle of jig gold selection is to use the pulsating vertical flow of the equipment to loosen the selected gold ore, and then layer it according to the particle size. In the process, the surrounding rock, inclusions, etc. can be effectively discarded, and coarse-grained fine gold ore can be effectively obtained. .

Commonly used gold gravity separation jig equipment includes: BATAC jig, JT5 sawtooth wave jig and self-gravity jig, etc.

03Spiral chute for gold ore gravity separation

spiral chute

The spiral chute is suitable for processing fine-grained gold ore. It also has a simple structure, low power consumption and large processing capacity. The main principle is that the equipment uses a cubic parabola with a cross-section. According to the density difference of the embedded ore, the moving concentration of slurry is fed into the zone on the spiral surface. During the spiral rotation, the minerals are separated according to the difference in gravity. Heavy minerals On the inner edge, light minerals are on the outer edge. After several spirals, gravity concentrate, medium ore and tailings are obtained respectively.

Commonly used gold separation process equipment includes fixed chute, shaped chute, agitation chute and tape movable chute.

04Centrifuge concentrator for gold ore gravity separation

Centrifugal concentrators are mostly suitable for gravity separation of alluvial gold ore or monomer dissociation of vein gold ore in gold mineral processing, especially for fine-grained gold ore, which has a good recovery effect. The working principle of centrifuge gold separation is to use particles to generate inertial centrifugal force in a fast rotating flow. As the centrifugal force increases, the gravity separation speed can be accelerated and the lower limit of the recovery particle size can be reduced. In the early days, centrifuge gravity separation was mainly used for gravity coal separation. With the continuous innovation of technology, when combined with heavy media, it can effectively separate gold ores and effectively improve the accuracy of separation.

Centrifuge concentrator

Commonly used gravity separation gold process equipment includes centrifugal disc concentrator, SL type continuous ore discharge jet centrifugal concentrator, MCS centrifugal concentrator, KELSEY centrifugal separator and SIL water jacket gold concentrator.

The above are the equipment commonly used for gold ore gravity separation in mineral processing plants. In addition, in the actual process, there are spiral concentrators, heavy media concentrators, etc. that can also be used for gold ore gravity separation. Among the above gold gravity separation equipment, how to choose depends on the properties of the gold ore. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct a mineral processing test first, design a suitable gold gravity separation process through experimental analysis, and design a suitable gold gravity separation equipment at the same time to obtain ideal gold concentrate.



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