Expand Mineral Processing EPC Service Around the World


Xinhai overseas office

Since 2012, Xinhai has started to develop the global mineral processing market. So far, Xinhai has set up multiple overseas offices in Sudan, Iran, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, and other countries all over the world, which provided customers with more convenient service and promoted the "market internationalization" strategy.

Xinhai People at Abroad

There is a group of people in Xinhai, who work in foreign countries for years and stay away from their relatives. They are expats working in Xinhai overseas offices. Only they can know their own feelings of assignment. Let’s listen to what they say:

»Colleagues friendship among expatriates

“Thanks for my partners who are willing to accompany me working overseas. There is a special emotion among us, which I call it the colleagues friendship among expatriates.”

»Extending Southeast Asia market with Xinhai professional attitude

“We have communicated a lot with senior personnel of mining enterprises in Southeast Asia and other regions, especially about mineral processing EPC service, digitalized mine and other international advanced mineral processing technologies, which sought more cooperation opportunities for Xinhai’s further development in Southeast Asia.”

» Customer satisfaction is the best praise

“I feel that all my efforts are worthwhile when our customers smile to me and tell me ‘Xinhai, the best’.”

»Paving the way for Centenary Xinhai

“As a member of Xinhai Mining, everyone has each own mission. There must be losses as well as gains now that we chose this industry. To accomplish the Centenary Xinhai and build a global mineral processing brand, someone must be the one who pave the way. And I am willing to be that one.”

Five Overseas Offices around World


Sudan overseas office established

In the beautiful Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, the hot climate can’t cover the passion of Xinhai people. Located at the northeast of Africa, there are abundant mineral resources in Sudan, such as iron, silver, chrome, copper, gold, mica, talc.


Sudan 700TPD gold mineral processing EPC project.

 Tanzania overseas office established

Located at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania has always been the inportant link of Maritime silk Route. It is at the east of Africa. The reserves of gold, iron, nickel, and phosphate rank first in Africa.


Tanzania Bousso tile 1200TPD gold mineral processing EPC project


Indonesia overseas office established

The thousand Island country is surrounded by ocean. The ambition of Xinhai is unmeasured vastness as the blue sea. The mine resource in Indonesia is the most abundant in East Asia. The reserve of tin is at important position in the world.


Indonesia gold mineral processing EPC project

Zimbabwe overseas office established

Here once was flourish Africa bakery. Xinhai helps this country to accomplish the mineral economy recovery. Zimbabwe is in the southeast of Africa. The quality and quantity of chrome, iron, gold, silver is well-known of the world.


Zimbabwe 700TPD gold mineral processing EPC project


Iran overseas office established

Iran is the famous Persian Garden where Xinhai planted. As an ancient country in west Asia, Iran has rich zinc, manganese, stibium, and boron.


Iran 300TPD gold-silver mineral processing EPC project


Xinhai overseas offices are all over the world. They bloom like pearls in the world. What you need is what we can do. Xinhai would break the wilds and waves, and extend its business on each land of the world in the future. Xinhai would accomplish every project with a sincere heart and keep going with our original intention, determined to help middle-small mineral company to reach the ideal value.