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Xinhai gold ore project in Sudan

Since the risk factor of each step in the mining operation is high, the requirement for a safe construction process and a perfect degree of management mechanism is high. Only by consistently enhancing management and regulating construction behavior during the process of construction, improving mine construction safety techniques and optimizing the relations between safety and benefits, can we maximally ensure the economic and social benefit.



Mining engineering Construction and production management

Xinhai can provide you with:

Mining engineering design;

Technical guidance services provided by a professional geological engineer, mine engineer, measurement engineer, rock drilling and blasting engineer;

Construction EPC and management services during mining engineering construction;

EPC and management services for mining engineering during mining engineering production;

Mining Engineering security, benefit, standard, technology, management.

Silber ore Gold ore Quartz mine Gold ore

Civil engineering construction and management

Compared with the urban civilian construction project, the mine civil engineering project is a comprehensive construction project with complicated construction conditions, more connections and restraints between each system, and close relations between construction and production. At present, many countries are weak in their corresponding civil construction. Xinhai can provide the clients who have civil engineering construction and management needs with the services as follows:

Xinhai Malaysia Project

Technical guidance services

We can assign professional mine civil engineering project manager, reinforcing steel bar engineer, carpenter engineer, paying off and measurement engineer;


Rapid assembly colorful steel structure housing services

Xinhai can provide the clients with rapid assembly colorful steel structure housing construction and installation for facilities such as mine office, staff dormitory, warehouse, chemical laboratory, maintenance workshop, and guard;


Steel structuralization construction services

Since cement prices in many countries of Africa are relatively high, generally, civil engineering adopting reinforced concrete materials, such as freshwater pool, backwater pool, raw ore bin, and fine ore bin, will not be appropriate to adopt cement materials. Xinhai can provide the clients with steel structuralization construction services as required;


Mine civil engineering project construction EPC service

Thickener under construction Civil construction site Leaching tank under construction Civil construction site

Mineral processing plant technical support and operation management

Provide continuing technical support services after the mineral processing plant EPC is put into production. We can provide professional mineral processing engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and chemical engineers; Provide operation management services after the mineral processing plant is put into production. The specific service form mainly includes:

Russia gold processing project

EPC service of production yield,mineral processing technical index and cost

Sudan gold processing project

Divding management mode based on production yield,mineral processing technical index and cost index management

The Middle East gold processing project

Management method which buys in shares with techniques and management at a discount


Tailing pond construction and management

Tailing pond

Provide tailing treatment and tailing pond project design services;


Provide materials and equipment such as tailing pond seepage prevention materials, materials used for monitoring and water drainage system materials;

Tailing pond project

Provide tailing treatment and tailing pond construction EPC.


Construction period management

Xinhai can help the clients manage the project for the duration of construction so that the project can be completed on schedule and intended production capacity and objectives can be achieved.

Project Operation

Xinhai has participated in the investment, operation, and management of multiple mines, including 3 gold mines in Gansu China, 6 feldspar mines in Yantai China, 1 gold mine in Zimbabwe, 1 gold mine in Mongolia, and 1 iron mine in Vietnam.

Project Operation and Management During Production

Xinhai can also help the clients operate and manage the project for the duration of production. Such services can be provided in the following form:

EPC service for production output, technical indices, and cost control;

Benefit distribution based on production output, technical indices, and cost control;

Equities based on technical performance and management;

Others agreed upon by both parties.

Xinhai Zimbabwe gold processing project

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