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Energy-saving Principles of Variable Frequency Single Tank Flotation

According to flotation principle, aerating agitation degree of minerals is affected by grinding fineness, reagent system, stage of flotation process and other factors.

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Aspects Needed Attention in Flotation Cell Maintenance and Repair

There are many aspects needed to be noticed in the maintenance of flotation cells.First, When replacing worn impellers and rotors, it is advisable to adjust the gap between them with gaskets to keep it within 6-10 millimeters.

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Gold Flotation Process Price-Invest for Exceeding Output

Xinhai produced flotation cells charactered by high flotation efficiency and energy saving features. They produce a broad range of flotation processes.

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Flotating Cells Parameters, Do You Really Know It?

Since floating cells has been created, it is for 100 years. floating cells developed later than other countries in China, but it is developing with few gap with abroad manufactures.

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Xinhai Copper Flotation Process Cell -Only to Create Surprises

China is one of a richer copper reserves countries in the world, because of the increased development and utilization of copper mines, the demand to the flotation process cell also increased

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Operation Principle of Cone Ball Mill

Cone ball mill is a common ball mill of mining processing. This ball mill changes former structure of ball mill, and it enables the integration of body and chassis.

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