Xinhai Speed! Zimbabwe BIKITA 2 Million TPA Spodumene Ore Processing Project Started Trial Production on Schedule!

2023-07-12 Xinhai Views (1642)

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The project only took one year from design to construction. Recently, Zimbabwe BIKITA 2 million TPA spodumene ore processing project Sinomine Resource undertaken by Xinhai Mining successfully completed test run and put into trial production.

Since the start of the construction, the project construction undertaken by Xinhai Mining has been progressing steadily and  put into the trial production stage successfully. In the later stage, Xinhai Mining will concentrate on the operation and management of lithium mine project to save project investment, cost and improve production efficiency!


(3D drawing of BIKITA 2 Million TPA Spodumene Ore Processing Project)

In June 2022, Xinhai Mining signed the contract of Zimbabwe Bikita 200 TPA Lithium Mine project with Sinomine Resource, providing "Turn-key Solution Service for Mineral Processing Plant (EPC+M+O)" including research and design, complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, commissioning and delivery, and mine management and operation. In September 2022, Xinhai Mining determined the beneficiation solution according to the ore beneficiation test results, and started the equipment production and manufacturing.

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01Turn-key Service---Customize Solution with innovative thoughts

Optimal Solution for Your Mine.Xinhai Mining provide BIKITA 2 million TPA spodumene ore processing project with customized turn-key service of mineral processing plant. Each link of EPC+M+O is handled by professional technical team, which is designed and constructed with innovative thoughts. Xinhai Mine Research Institute has set up a lithium ore beneficiation test and research center to analyze the characteristic of spodumene in this project. The beneficiation process and concentrator design plan according to the test result.

After designing, Xinhai Mining quickly completed the production of customized whole set of equipment for the lithium mine and safely delivered the equipment to the project site in the first time to ensure that the project is completed on time and meet production standard.



(Site of BIKITA 2 Million TPA Spodumene Ore Processing Project)

02Create record--- complete project construction on schedule

In June 2022, Xinhai Mining signed the contract with Sinomine Resource. In one year, the 2 million TPA lithium ore processing plant project was successful put into trial production.

During the project construction, Xinhai Mining formulated a strict construction schedule and whole team of the project coordinated. In only 3 months, the equipment and spare parts Xinhai Mining manufactured and shipped are up to 170 million pieces. At the most busy time of project construction, Xinhai Mining sent 423 people from China to the project site in Zimbabwe. The successful commissioning and trial production of Zimbabwe lithium mine project depended on the effort of whole team. They created Xinhai Speed together.


(Equipment Manufacturing and Shipment of Spodumene Ore Processing Project)

03Rich experience--- guarantee both quality and quantity with Xinhai Service

Zimbabwe is located in the south of the equator, and there are only two seasons of dry and rainy in a year. The construction of lithium mine projects coincides with the rainy season, which brings new problems and challenges to the construction site.

Xinhai Mining has a number of EPC project cases in Zimbabwe. The construction, installation and commissioning team has more than 20 years of practical experience. They are familiar with the local conditions and can avoid most similar problems in construction. The installation and commissioning department adjusts in time according to the time schedule to ensure that the installation and commissioning is completed on time with quality and quantity to save cost and improve benefit.


(Installation and Commissioning & On-Site Inspection)

Zimbabwe BIKITA 2 million TPA spodumene ore processing project was put into trial production within one year, which once again proved the ability and strength of “Turn-key Service of Mineral Processing Service(EPC+M+O)” with practice.Chairman Mr. Yunlong Zhang Said: “ the successful trail production of this production is the result of Xinhai Mining's on-site team working day and night, and the domestic team working together to seize the time, complete the progress in advance, ensure quality and benefit. Everyone has demonstrated Xinhai's style.”

In recent 30 years, Xinhai Mining has accumulated construction experience from 95 countries and over 500 EPC projects, which make Xinhai Mining get a strong capability of “Turn-key Service of Mineral Processing Service(EPC+M+O)”. In the future, Xinhai Mining will improve the service standard of Mining to make Xinhai Mining become a leader in mining EPC.



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