Mr. Zhang Yunlong Attends the International Mining Communication Conferences with Xinhai Solution

2018-12-25 Xinhai Views (1273)

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In July 2018, China First Mining Trade Conference

In October 2018, the 20th China international Mining Conference

In November 2018, the 9th China--Asean Mining Cooperation BBS Conference

In December 2018, the 6th International Mining Development Peak BBS

In recent years, the whole mining market was in a state that lack of bonus. It is not accomplished to replace old growth drivers with new ones in economic development. Many kinds of risks accumulated rapidly. The global mining industry is at a new crossing road, which needs a new way to go. As an academician of AusIMM, international mining consultant, visiting professor of Shandong Technology University and other colleges, the Chairman of Xinhai Mining, Mr. Zhang Yunlong was invited to attend many international mining conferences, talked actively about the current problems of global mining industry and its future development with the industry peers, then put forward Xinhai Solution.

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011. Invited to Several Mining Conferences, Discussed the Development of Global Mining Industry


In July 2018, the Chairman of Xinhai Mining, Mr. Zhang was invited to the 2018 China First Mining Trade Conference in the Best Western Olympic Hotel Beijing. He took a speech about the topic--- Some Experience of Mining Investment and Technological Solution.

In October, the 20th China International Mining Conference


In October 2018, the Chairman of Xinhai, Mr. Zhang attended the 20th China International Mining Conference in Tianjin, and took a speech about the topic --- Experience and Strategy of Mining Investing at abroad and in Africa.

In November, the 9th China--Asean Mining Cooperation BBS Conference


In November 2018, the Chairman of Xinhai, Mr. Zhang attended the 9th China--Asean Mining Cooperation BBS Conference again, which was hosted by People's government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Ministry of Natural Resources of China. And He shared his experience about the experience and strategies of mining investment at Abroad and in Southeast Asia.

In December, the 6th International Mining Development Peak BBS

In December 2018, Mr. Zhang was invited to the 6th International Mining Development Peak BBS again, which was hosted by Beijing Suntrans Language Translation co., LTD. He talked about how to handle the politics opportunities, avoid risks and challenges of mining investment and achieve the long development of the global mining industry.

022. Pointed out the Pain Point of Mining Development, Proposed the Xinhai Solution

Talking about the current global mining development, the Chairman of Xinhai, Mr. Zhang pointed out the problems on conferences. He said, there was a common problem in the mining development at home and abroad --- focus on business rather than technology, which caused three main problems in the mining development shapelessly.

The processing plant is over budget.

The production target is failed to reach on schedule.

The production day is the time to upgrade.

The source of these problems was that the primary technology plan just simply copied the similar case, or just determined by the experience, which was lack of scientific proof.

Targeting at these problems, Mr. Zhang put forward Xinhai's solution --- Customized Mineral Processing EPC service, which was based on many years of mineral processing experience, including design and research - equipment manufacturing and purchase - installation and commission. Then, Mr. Zhang explained the importance of customized mineral processing technology solution according to a lot of cases.


Mr. Zhang said that: "there is no the same mine in the world. Every mine should be customized with the best ore dressing process and equipment to maximize profits."

033. Broke the traditional one-to-one mode, Focus on the new trend of customized mineral processing EPC service

Faced with the current global mining investment market, the Chairman of Xinhai, Mr. Zhang said that, "Customized mineral processing EPC service is the best solution for the global mining market."

Traditional one-to-one mineral processing mode (namely each link of the mineral processing plant is finished by different companies) is not suitable for the current development needs of the mining industry. Mr. Zhang stressed that, "Not only the primary technological solution, the whole mineral processing plant needs to be customized."


Ordinarily, the mineral processing plant is featured with large investment scale, long construction period, rather complex technology and lots of unassured factors. One in-charge company not only avoids the delaying problem between the different links, but also shortens the whole construction period of the plant, put into the production as soon as possible.


With the increasing of global challenges, it is a trend to push the revolution of the global management system. As the hard core of global economic governance, a series of Chinese Solution is highly concerned by the international society, and contributes Chinese wisdom in solving the humanin problems. In the aspect of the global mining industry, Xinhai Solution also received an enthusiastic response in the international mining conferences, which also contributed its Chinese wisdom for the problems of global mining development.

In the future, Xinhai will continue improving Xinhai Solution, conveying correct mining investment and construction views and methods. Xinhai will also provide customized mineral processing EPC for mines in the world, and pushing the development of Global mining development community of common destiny.



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