Design and cost control of Xinhai one-stop service for mineral processing plant

2014-12-29 Xinhai Views (1552)

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Mineral process design is the first step of mineral process one-stop service (epc), also the most essential step which decides the mineral processing flow, construction period and the cooperation between equipment and the engineer.Engineer cost is the core of process design, and it is also the question owner concern about seriously. Design costs account for the small proportion of total engineering project cost, but it decide 60%-70% cost of the whole project. So controlling design is the effective way to control the whole engineer cost.In design, we should pay attentions on these aspects:1. In order to avoid breaching the original intention and the requirements of owners in the process of design, designers should deeply understand the owner requirements and mine features as well as the detailed content of the contract signed by the contractor and owner.2. In the design process, designer should take the method of quota design that considers the construction equipment, materials and the scale of civil engineering combining finance closely, which will control cost in a certain range. But the quota design must be based on ensuring the project will be completed reasonably.3. General design personnel do not have strong cost control awareness. So on the one hand, we should strengthen the awareness of cost control of technical staff, on the other hand, we should provide the associated financial training for them, and let them grasp effective cost control method.Xinhai has 8 Design and Research Institutes as technology support, and they take charge in the whole flow, mineral processing scheme, mechanical design, automation control together in the design and planning. Xinhai has rich experience in the cost and the schedule of project control. Xinhai one-stop (EPC) project has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and economic, which make the mineral processing engineering completed in a relatively short period. Xinhai have been finished 500 one-stop mineral dressing projects in more than 30 countries around the world.



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